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06-01-2021, 02:43 PM
I already can see the most problematic thing in the mode even without have to play it.

'Q: Will my Operatives carry over from Watch Dogs: Legion to Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead?

A: No, Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a separate mode and Operatives will not carry over.'

You know, some of us are actually spending hundred of hours to get the certain operatives that we wanted, in terms of physical and traits, having this to be removed and have to actually spend another hundred of hours to recruit similar or the same operatives in the new mode, ... is just unappealing and tiring, why not just have the mode in the original online mode?

Like adding an icon, so whenever we want to play it, we just jump in from the map WITH OUR ONLINE OPERATIVES,
I know it's still in the alpha stage, but really please do consider it, because as my gametime records of 120+ hours,
having my online operatives to be completely removed is just nah man, not gonna go for another run,
maybe gonna try the new mode once or twice but that's about it.