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05-15-2006, 10:01 AM
Hi to all Kaleuns
Who in here has play the game Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 I´m thinking in buy it so I ask all great people out there who have play it what you think is it better that Call of duty United offensive that I have now I play alot on multiplayer so is the Red Orchestra any good multiplayer is there many servers for the game etc,well just say what you guys think ok http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif

05-15-2006, 10:14 AM
The game is definitly great ! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

Cant say anything about servers because it is still not released here and im playing offline against bots with an ehhhhhhmmmm copy http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/shady.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif

So no online play for me until i can buy my own copy.

It has great details in weapons handling and offers good grapics and sound. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

05-15-2006, 11:59 AM
Celeon made some screenshots from his recent urban battle in Odessa. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Preparing the mg-42


Opening fire on an surprised soviet scout http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/784.gif


Celeon has fired for too long (4 seconds) overheating the barrel and making it glow.

So he needs to replace it. Luckily the mg-42 was designed for easy barrel change within 10 seconds.

Celeon wears metal-chain gloves to protect his hands from his own weapon.


Time to reload !


They have captured the square but come only over this rubble to stare into the barrel of celeons mg http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/784.gif


05-15-2006, 01:36 PM
Hi Celeon
It realy looks awesome thanks for the picks http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_cool.gif the detail of have to change the barrel of the MG42 after long time of fire its great for thoses that love games where we have to do things like in real life like me http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_cool.gif I think that call of duty is also a great game but lacks of some details like red orchestra has on it I think that this game is a new step on video games(fps) that we have to play like in real life but not get kill http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif lets see what the future has to ofter in games

05-15-2006, 02:57 PM
Wow! This looks fantastic! Not a great fan of FPS on the whole, but I'll certainly gives this go.

What kind of specs does it need to look that good?

05-16-2006, 02:17 AM
I dont know what the minimum specs are but im using an 2,2 Ghz Athlon64 , 1 GB Ram, Radeon X850XT with all details switched to high except anti aliasing.

So you surely can play it with some details set to medium or low on a slower machine without problems. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

05-16-2006, 03:51 AM
Celeon it looks like you have the post processing effects turned on, like bloom or HDR I forget the option. Try it without these and it makes the game look 10 times better IMO.

05-16-2006, 09:20 AM
Not a fan of shoot them up type games. I did like the swat series of games and love still operatio flashpoint.

I LOVE RO, it is simply one of the best games I have ever played. If your looking for a call of duty type game this is not for you.

05-16-2006, 09:42 AM
Celeon switches the sides and posts more screenshots

Forwards comerades !


Take this german fascist pigs ! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/blink.gif What am i saying ?


Missed but the next one will hit !


Im taking cover in an trench while reloading


Now i´ll let the bayonette do the talking !


Take this nazi pig ! In the name of the great partia Lenina ! http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/shady.gif What the ? Who just said this ?


05-16-2006, 11:29 AM
Excellent game with a high learning curve. Not for the Quake crowd. Rewards patience and team work. Not perfect, but the best I have seen to date.

05-16-2006, 01:49 PM
It's ok.. I picked it up the other night myself.

Maps --- Excellent
Textures, bump-mapping, graphics ingeneral --- Excellent
Game play ---- Excellent


I'm not a big fan of the game's engine. The models are all very stiff looking, i don't like the " way it handles ." And i mean that the same way you would mean it if speaking of a car. It takes getting used to, certainly.

Over all, it's not bad. And Dloaded from STEAM it's only $20 U.S.D. so all in all it's a decent buy.

05-16-2006, 02:16 PM
Wow what detail!!!! Did German MG-42 gunners really wear chain mail gloves to change the barrel? I did not know that!!

05-17-2006, 02:30 AM
Originally posted by joeap:
Wow what detail!!!! Did German MG-42 gunners really wear chain mail gloves to change the barrel? I did not know that!!

Not everybody , they often lost them and when they weared them then all the time while handling the weapon.

Many parts got really hot after a few hundred shots and glowing metal splinters could come out of the weapon. So wearing gloves was and is always a good idea. Just in case... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif

Although an air-cooled mg it often was unavoidable to make excessive use of it and so it needed additional water cooling.

In ww-1 there was even more protective clothing neccessary

A typical protective mask made of steel and leather.

http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/6003/14kfsmaskfront5xm.jpg http://img239.imageshack.us/img239/1992/14kfs2halfhelmetside9wd.jpg

05-17-2006, 03:07 AM
Hi Celeon and all the others that reply
I purchase the game and its realy awesome and its not that expensive $30 USD (23 Euros+or-) usualy it cost me 50-55 euros one game in a store,the only thing that is a little bad is the Bots well at least the ones on my team http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/88.gif look at this pics
http://img86.imageshack.us/img86/7294/shot00002a8ns.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
http://img86.imageshack.us/img86/6356/shot00003a5os.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
Besides that its a great game and I dont like to play the games with the bots I prefere with people on multiplayer games but I´m still learning how to play this game its a bit diferent from the call of duty the weapons and tanks so for thoses that like FPS and simulaters like me you must buy this game because this game is both (2 in 1)http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/11.gif

05-17-2006, 03:38 AM

Yeah the bots have an horrible AI in this game.

Its even worse when they try to run tanks.

05-17-2006, 12:49 PM
http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif Can you elaborate more on the tanks? What models are available? PzKpfw IVs & VIs? Are they modelled well? How's the terrain? I'm itching to know because we (the groups I'm in) are interested in forming an armor group too (sPzAbt.501). http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

I couldn't wait. Found the site & looked (http://www.redorchestragame.com/index.php) myself.

No Tigers (yet) but they do have the PzKpfw IV F2s. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/metal.gif

Still, how is the terrain? And are the tanks modelled well? They look good from the externals.

05-17-2006, 12:56 PM
Look here (http://www.redorchestragame.com/index.php?categoryid=7) http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif

They are modelled with great detail. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/inlove.gif

EDIT : I just saw that some things are still missing on this list.

For example the Tiger is also in the game

05-17-2006, 02:05 PM
Originally posted by Celeon999:
For example the Tiger is also in the game