View Full Version : I started a petition for "Re-listing Trials Evolution on Xbox". Please sign it!

05-09-2021, 09:26 AM

We all know Trials Evolution was the game that started it all! Yes, there were other Trials games before it, like Trials HD, but Trials Evolution was the one which set the path for the future entries in the franchise (Trials Fusion and Trials Rising).

The game disappeared from Xbox Live Store back in February 2018 along side it's DLCs. And nobody knows why it happened. But some believe it was delisted due to Ubisoft’s purchase of the Trials developer, RedLynx, in 2011.

There is a PC port of the game (i.e. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition). But it's not a complete port. It misses those 2 great DLCs from the XBLA version of the game; Origin of Pain and Riders of Doom. They include 100+ high quality tracks crafted by the Redlynx crew, new bikes, new outfits and so much more.

It is even backwards-compatible with Xbox One S/X and Xbox Series S/X. So, many people (like myself) would love to buy the game and enjoy experiencing the game that started it all. I'm sure there are many Trials fans who missed the opportunity of buying the game while it was available for purchase. Please give us the chance. :rolleyes: