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10-25-2007, 05:54 PM
(Hopefully the developers of these two nifty utilities will see this.)

I love 'em! But I'd love 'em even more if they were merged into one!


IL2Compare is the shinizzle if you want to see at a glance how two planes stack up performance-wise. Graphs are in every way superior to simple numerical "stats."

There is one small error... the ROC vs. altitude graph has the X-axis mis-labeled--should be m/s, not km/h.

But more annoying is the weird ordering of the plane list--it's a chore to find a particular crate!


Hardball's Viewer is no slouch either! I really like the overall format (and the plane listing is much more user-friendly.)

Some things I'd like to see changed.

1) Remove the "Match" button. I never need to compare a plane with itself!

2) Remove the "Highlight Advantages" button. I ALWAYS have to hit this one because I ALWAYS want to see which plane holds a particular advantage. Better to simply always highlight advantages.

3) *Possibly* remove the scrollable text fields describing the "historical" advantages and disadvantages, which appear toward the bottom of the form. Or at least offer their removal as an option. In many cases that info is of little import or relevance to the game (e.g., "easily understood controls", or the "tough" P-40 which in-game has the infamous glass jaw, etc. etc.)

4) Add the option to select from plane groups by year of introduction, theater, type, nation or historical match-up.

5) Instead of having the three h.p./weight/wing area ratios share the one field, "expand" them out so each calculated ratio occupies its own dedicated field. I don't like having to switch between them all the time.

6) Perhaps the h.p. ratings for 100% power and boost could be arranged to occupy the same line.

7) As for #6 above, the same could be done with A/C weights.

8) For some data which can be accessed only by hovering the mouse over the appropriate fields, perhaps they could be given their own dedicated fields.

9) Allow the user to re-size the form. My desktop is running at 1600X1200, and the extra acreage could be better utilized.


As I intimated at the top, it would be awesome to have both of these utilities merged into one. With a "page selection" type of format, the data listings, pictures and graphs could then be handily accessible from one program.

But with the IL-2 franchise soon coming to an end, will the impetus still be there long enough for this to even begin to progress beyond conception? Ah, but to dream.


10-25-2007, 06:05 PM
I agree that IL-2 Compare is hard to use due to planes not being in alphabetical order. How hard would it have been to put them in a sane order?? Also a few planes are omitted. For example there is only P-39D listed but there are two P-39Ds, the D1 and the D2.

HB's viewer is nice but some of the hyper planes are omitted. Such as the P-47D Late, the P-38 Late, the Spitfire 25 pounder and the 109K4/C3.
Since figures are available on all these planes, HB should put them in there. Also he only has one of the Doras, which has always irritated me.

But these programs are free, so it's not nice to complain. The guys have put a lot of free time and energy into making them. I respect that and therefore I can put up with the imperfections.

10-25-2007, 06:17 PM
Mortoma you do know about the mouse hovering right?


I like HB's viewer for all that it offers. I find everything to be just right. Only thing where I am like Lurch is on the extra desktop space that could be used to open the window a bit larger.

10-25-2007, 08:09 PM
Actually I had forgotten about that part, thanks. I like the viewer and compare too. Lots of people do. Overall for me they are indispensible when used together to compliment each other. I have both of them on my laptop and my desktop!! I actually have 1946 on my laptop too but only use it to mess around Dgen stuff. I never play the game on my laptop.