View Full Version : Another U-boat or Bomber attacked my Target C3???????????

04-11-2007, 04:09 PM
Any Explaination.
I was in my U-65, CG 57 November, 7 1941,

I was tracking two C3. I heard them about 21:45, I was in surface and i head SSW, then My WO spoted ship on about 4200m, Yeah it was my C3.It was dark night, and windy, no Moonlight, But .....The C3 was on 7kts, but the back deck was on fire. I made my Estimation and dive on 1/3 ahead, Tube opened i had him on the plate, double checked. I was on about 1500m , when I got report : Enemy Unit Distroyed. I was astonished. No planes around, clear sky. No sonnar detection of anyone else?????? And Yes on my map there was mark of sinked ship??? In my Log there was no data I did it, well actually i didnt. I didnt ordered Men on Deck gun???

I countinued to patrol my task and found another C3, i did my job well then, but I wonder who did that? No multy players.

Mission No9 alo Case like this::

I was shot once 1 torpedo on C2 near Ireland , and track him a while and i was about to fire second torpedo and made new estimation, but i noticed a destroyer and i had to give up and hide myself deeper. After 20 minutes i got Message that i Destroyed Enemy Unit.
Maybe it was badly damaged. And Yes computer notified my score. I set on real time sinking ship.
Any Ideas?????????

No planes around
No sound contacts of another ships
NO fired torpedo,
No fired gun

He was on little fire on back deck.,