View Full Version : Are the templars in 2012 really a threat?(SPOLIERS)

11-18-2011, 01:29 PM
Everyone knows the war is between the Assassin's and Templars...sorta. But in 2012... it seems like Desmond and Co. are very concerned about the Templars.

For example we get no contact with Present day Templars in both ACB and ACR. And what didn't make sense is that, what's supposed to be in the library is something that is supposed to stop the Templar Assassin War... but that never happened. Instead we were given a message to help Desmond find a way to save Mankind from the Solar Flare.

Does anyone care about that sattlelite launch anymore? Doesn't seem like it. Unless the apple is what they need to fight the Templars (Altair was a freakin god with that thing when he learned how to control it). But Ezio just left it...so nothing really useful to fight the Modern Day Templars with...except we might find something in the TWCB NY temple.

So what do you guy's think? Will the Templars pose a bigger threat in AC3? Is Vidic planning something big? A little less than a year until we find out I suppose.

Side note: What was the thing Altair saw after his "last look"? Was it the message that Ezio got after he found Altair's apple? Is that why Altair locked it away? So the Templars couldn't find it and the message he saw could be delivered? I think so.

11-18-2011, 02:30 PM
I get this feeling that the satellite launch is going to be a big story point in AC3. One reason is because at the beginning of the next game, Desmond will already be at the Grand Temple. Tinia told him he would find his answers there. I could see the beginning of the game being about exploring the Temple and solving some puzzles to get inside, then setting up shop there for most of the game. Since these games are built around the Animus, I don't see how there won't be one more ancestor for Desmond to explore in AC3, so he'll probably still be in the Animus for most of the game. But after being at the temple for much of the game, there would probably be a big sequence at the end where Desmond needs to go somewhere else to finish his mission.

Since the satellite launch has been built up so much, and Abstergo and the Templars have been the bad guys, I don't see how they can't give us the resolution of personally defeating them as Desmond. I'm wondering if the satellite will play a huge role because the threat is from the Sun, and a satellite could form part of the defense somehow. Perhaps the Assassins need the satellite to launch, but with their own Apple inside instead of whatever programming Abstergo would have had in one of their own. Imagine the final mission being to infiltrate the launch facility using stealth and swap out the Apple, then watching the satellite launch and the Templars thinking they've won, only to see it save the planet and foil their plans.

I'm not sure what exactly Alta´r saw with his "one last look" into the Apple, but it must have been something to do with leaving the final setup for Ezio to find as he did. As cool of a twist as it was that he never sent the Apple away, it leaves me unable to trust some of the other stuff he wrote in the Codex. It seems that the only reason to lie in the Codex was to lie about the Apple's location, but it still raises doubts about other things he wrote. When he said he knew the truth and about the Prophet and that he was sending the "wretched thing" away, was that also a ruse to make other people think the Apple was evil and to stay away from it?