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02-11-2010, 03:34 AM
Hi all.

I´m playing Il2 almost since it´s release, and I´ve seen that when you´re going to make a level bombing raid in offline missions with your flight, two things may happen:

- your wing members start a small dive towards the objective (specially when you´re not the leader of the formation), so you are the only following the flight path and making a proper level bombing
- Your wing does not drop the bombs when reached the objective, so they follow you over this waypoint and turns towards the next without attack.

This don´t happen when you´re performing a dive bombing nor a low attack in the target.
I´ve tried a lot of things, such as tell the flight to attack my objective (seems it only works when you´re attacking with small arms, rockets..), wait to see if they attack a target on their own before break after drop the bombs…
May this be because I jump waypoints? (i.e. I say the formation to go towards the objective instead of follow the entire path related in the briefing).
I see that most of the changes and fixes are related to fighters and low attack planes, but never to high level bombing. I know the game was first released to hese kind of planes, but since these aircraft were released, I´ve always seen these kind of thing.
I usually fly fighters too, but I like long flights in formation with bombers when i´ve time to do it, so…if a future patch is going to be released (or if it´s my fault, please let me know) wouldn´t be nice these faults would be corrected and a better AI parameters (if possible, of course) would be implemented?

Thanks all and of course Team Daidalos for their hard work in the last patch .

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02-11-2010, 09:03 AM
For level bombing you need to set the target to GaAttack.

If you look at the manual for the game it tells you more specifically. There might be some other steps you need to do.


02-11-2010, 10:21 AM
Thanks for the reply bill...

But what i meant is when I´m flying a mission...
This is play in the DGEN campaing, not only when i want to make a mission or a campaign in the mission builder.

"Vista, suerte y al toro"
García Morato, Spanish Civil War pilot

02-11-2010, 01:15 PM
The AI can definitely be tricky, especially for ground attack stuff. One thing that should always work is if you do padlock then tell your flight to "attack my target" though I've never used padlock so I dunno how easy to use it is.

Other than that definitely put a ground attack waypoint, but I've never really figured out what to do to make sure that your flight will attack ground targets. Sometimes they'll do an attack run at the ground attack waypoint without me giving an order, but other times they just fly around behind me without dropping bombs, then when I give them the ground attack order they immediately drop their bombs over nothing and then maybe do a strafing run.

Another thing you could do is just have a flight of two planes for your flight, then have some other AI flights that aren't in your control behind you, it's a lot easier to get AI planes to do attack runs on their own--set a ground attack waypoint for them over some enemy targets...if they have bombs they will do level bombing then strafing, or just strafing if they only have guns and rockets. Maybe set the ground attack waypoint to one of the enemy objects.