View Full Version : Need an "High Risk" difficulty

04-28-2010, 02:54 PM
Ive just play somes hunter maps earlier on realistic with some dude and it was a run and gun all the way. I mean for lowest difficulty i can agree but on realistic we should die in 2 3 or max 4 hit but like this set now its a freaking huge amount and most of people dont use the covert, at least few seconds. If you could do like you did in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, talking about High Risk, the game would be harder and add lifetime and people would go for hand to hand on every NPC. To those who dont know that mode , you dont have health regeneration and less view behind covert , need to peak for more FOV , if i can say so. Anyway was my 2 cent , with that i would be very happy !

Cheer Ubi for the game , but not the DRM : )

Vive le talent Quebecois : )

PS Sorry for grammar

05-04-2010, 02:37 PM
Agreed, Ubisoft should make AI customization of what they have for noobs AI without flash light or any lighting and for High Risk like the dude above me just said should allow to go against Splinter Cells OR SHADOWNET SPIES OMG BRING THOSE DUDES IN !!!! Anyway SplinterCells with same googles like the kestrel/archer ofc limit the seeing through the wall thing and extra sharp aiming wud be decent