View Full Version : Docklands - Season 3's first DLC - is released!

02-24-2021, 03:14 PM
Hello Annoholics!

The first DLC of Season 3 - Docklands - was released yesterday.

Not only will this allow you to construct your very own modular warehouse district to make more efficient use of your harbour area, but also give you access to the new “Export/Import Contracts” feature. With those you can exchange goods at specific rates, even in large quantities, which allows you to specialize your economy and even focus exclusively on certain goods while importing the rest via contracts.

The Docklands and its modules allow you to turn your harbours into global trade hubs which you can make shine additionally by various new harbour ornaments like *drumroll* two different kinds of lighthouses! We know you’ve been waiting for those 😉

You can find more details on the DLC in this DevBlog (https://anno-union.com/devblog-docklands/)

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