View Full Version : Road to SI 2021 weapon skin not unlocked in Ubisoft Connect

02-17-2021, 10:31 PM
Says you can redeem for logging in until feb 17th. I have logged in and played the event as well throughout that entire time frame. Does this mean it will unlock once the date has passed?

02-18-2021, 01:19 AM
Hey there, KingK0brakai. Thanks for reaching out. As far as I know there isn't any Road to S.I. log-in reward for February 17, 2021. Last year (2020) we had an exclusive weapon skin distributed as a token of appreciation for logging into R6 during the Road To S.I. event. Can you show me a screenshot of the reward you're speaking of? Or a link to the website if you found information on one? Thank you!