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10-05-2007, 08:15 AM
[RS]Lazarus has fine tuned the Rogue Saints IL2 Server! Below you will find additional details and map rotation.

Two new maps have been added to the server. "Misty Mountain Hop" and "The Air Up There". Please see the new map cycle below for a description and map order on the server (so you know whats next). This gives us more unique maps. [RS] wants the Rogue Saint's server to "Not play the same map twice" in a gaming day (8 hours). Most simmers will fly, off and on, over the same 8 hour period every day. The Rogue Saints server now completes a full map cycle in 15 hours. This means what you fly 8pm may take you a day and a half to hit that map again during your regular flying time.

Current MAP CYCLE:
1. "Hawaiian Pavement" - Summer - 4 base map - 2.0 - 2.5 minutes apart.
2. "Crimea River" - Summer - 4 base map - 2.5 minutes apart
3. "Knappers Delight" - Summer - 2 base invasion map - 3 minutes apart - Plenty to bomb!
4. "Salami Sandwich" - Summer - 4 base sunset map - 1.7 minutes apart - (glowing church on the mountain)
5. "Last Train" Summer - 4 base flat map - 2.0 minutes apart - (one of Rockets favorites)
6. "Misty Mountain Hop" - 4 base large hills - hazy, low cloud cover - 2.5 to 3 minutes apart - Naval presence
7. "Call Him Palermo!" - 2 base hill map - 2.5 minutes apart - feet wet and feet dry fighting
8. "Bullets In Paradise" - Summer island - 2 base, 2 carrier - 2 to 4 minutes apart.
9. "Lights of Naples" - 2 base sunset - 2.0 minutes apart - island to mainland fight - (working light house)
10. "White Christmas" - 2 base, "in the dirt dogfight - winter night - 1.3 minutes apart - spot lights & sirens
11. "Sleepy Hollow" - 2 base mountain - 2.5 minutes apart - 2 sleepy towns - watch out for the phone lines!
12. "Pozzolo Puddle Jumpers" 2 base pre-1940 bi-plane & bomber - large hills - lots of ground targets
13. "Training Camp" - 4 base island map - 2.0 and 3.0 minutes apart - Large training camps at each base
14. "Sing A Poor Song" 4 base summer - over Singapore - 2.3 minutes apart - lots of visual - primarily flat
15. "The Air Up There" 4 base mountain - High take off (great weather), turbulent 500m cloud cover - 2 low bases (bad weather)

To join the fun look for the [RS] server which is listed as: Rogue-Saints in Hyperlobby!

Also, The [RS] VFW, (Virtual Fighter Wing), are still recruiting and hold regular practices two nights per week to prepare for competetive matching. If you're a veteran ace or just starting out please stop by and fill out an application. There is a place for even the newest of pilots within our ranks.

Note: On your first visit to our forums it will look like there's not much there. Soon after you post in our "Welcoming Mat" forum our Public Forums will be made visible.

Drop on by: http://www.rogue-saints.com

See you in the skies,

[RS]VFW Command Team