View Full Version : [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Problems with connection - shared network

12-19-2020, 08:46 PM
I have problem with Anno 2070. We used to play 1404 in coop a lot (GoG version) and it worked. Now I bought 2nd copy of A2070 so we could play coop with my wife but it is not possible for us to join game.
Both PCs are behind same router in NAT. We share single external IP. I have tried to temporary disable FW/AV with no help.
Both accounts can see each other in friend list but every time only one of them is able to send messages/invites the other account can see them but if it tries to reply the message is not sent back to 1st player. Also if he tries to accept invitation - nothing happens and the 1st player still waits for the 2nd player.

It looks like that one PC is fully online while 2nd get information but cannot reply. Any idea how to set it up? I have noticed I am not the only one with this issue. FW is not blocking this - I set exception and even shut it down for testing.