View Full Version : I am getting stuck in objects

05-06-2011, 02:47 PM
I am at the key to the castle sequence on PC version.Game crashes every now and then(not that frequently) but yes it does and especially it hurts when something like that happens inside the pizza lanterno or palazza something(these are difficult names).Most of the time,Ezio gets stuck in some object, then he loses his cape, and then the game crashes.This also happened at the end of the "The Truth" video when he came out of the animus,desmond got stuck in the animus which ruined the whole thrill of knowing the truth.Also, apart from all this, I think i sold one of the shrunken heads for 50 buks to somebody early in the game(when i was not aware how crucial it was),is there any other shrunken head available. I already collected the one in Palazza lair.The blacksmith investment says 1000000f wire transfer something? i dont feel it is reasonable price for a shrunken head(not even sure what it is).anyway for now my game crashes is ruining my experience.

Great game tho !!