View Full Version : Uno jump in lock!!!!

11-29-2020, 04:28 PM
What the hell is that? We buy a ******g game and can't fully use it!

The "jump in" rule is not unlocking. Even appearing on the site that is, in the game it remains stuck.

Worse! Through my research I saw that this has been a problem for a long time and has not yet been solved. What the **** are you guys? A small and simple thing like that, it takes more than 1 month to try to solve it and you can't? I will ask for my refund!

11-29-2020, 08:22 PM
Hi psn.4fun. I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue with the Jump-In House Rule in Uno not unlocking. Our teams are currently looking into this, but we do not have any updates to share at this time. As soon as new information has been made available, we'll do our best to update this thread.