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11-16-2020, 12:36 AM
Multiplayer - NEW GAME error
When we want to play multiplayer with friends. We will start a new game (host game). and gradually connect via invitation. When everyone is ready, the leader starts the game. Then the loading screen starts and loading all players starts. As soon as he reads the completed game I will drop and write this:
Failed to Load a Saved Game
Oops! Look like your saved game is incompatible with your current version of the game

WHY GAME LOAD SAVED GAME when it is new game in multiplayer?? How I can fix it? I already check files via uplay, and they are fine.

11-22-2020, 02:33 PM
Hi there EpicAM62, thank you for posting in the forums about this and welcome to the Anno 2070 forums.

This usually happens if you and your friends are using different version updates of the game. Would you first be able to check which update you are using? If you are unsure you can check the version number showing in the bottom right of the game's main menu.

Can I also make sure you have updated your Uplay launcher to Ubisoft Connect launcher too? It should now say Ubisoft Connect in the top left instead of Uplay, Steam will often try to launch games with older versions of Uplay which cause issue in the game such as connecting with friends.