View Full Version : Have no Ubisoft Units despite leveling up multiple times?

11-05-2020, 09:21 PM
Watch Dogs Legion has been my first Ubisoft game since Uplay became Connect. Iím aware my units expired, okay thatís fine, but why am I unable to earn new ones? From my understanding you get units for leveling up, yet I went from 36 to 39 and havenít gotten a single unit?

Is this a bug or are there other ways to earn units I donít know about?

Edit: Iíve checked on multiple devices (pc, mobile, in game on PS4) and it shows I have no units on any of them

11-06-2020, 12:04 PM

We're currently investigating an issue where players don't receive units after levelling up. Check the Known Issues (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2284432-Known-Issues) post for more information.

11-06-2020, 08:55 PM
Here is a little suggestion please bring back the ability to buy cars it makes no sense to have skins on cars if I can only use them on a particular person I want the ability to own a car for a character I chose I will not spend money on WD credits just donít make sense if I canít use the skin on a car I can purchase in the game.

11-07-2020, 02:08 AM
rayandmiz: Thanks for sharing that feedback, rayandmiz! :) We can definitely share that with our game development team for you!