View Full Version : Ubisoft Club Rewards unlocked for all players

10-25-2020, 08:31 PM
Hello everyone,

Just a quick update to the Ubisoft Club and Ubisoft club Rewards -

You may have trouble connecting to the Ubisoft Club as we are busy changing this to our new and improved service, Ubisoft Connect, that will be updated and live by the end of October.

Some of our older games are no longer patched and have not transitioned to Ubisoft Connect and will instead still keep the older Ubisoft Club branding.
Because of this we have unlocked all Ubisoft Club Rewards for our older titles for all players for free.

To see the full list of games that will be receiving these free Rewards, please check out this link - https://ubi.li/Xpq74

We are aware that some of these rewards have yet to show up in your game, or some already claimed rewards have gone missing from the game, this should be fixed by the end of October when Ubisoft Connect goes live.

More details on the new platform Ubisoft Connect and what you can do with it, please read this article - https://ubisoftconnect.com/en-GB/faq/