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10-19-2020, 10:41 AM
Dear game producer and team,
I have a request for language support for Assassin's CreedŽ Valhalla Ultimate Edition game
Will there be Turkish language support for the game?
If you bring Turkish language support or provide Turkish subtitles, I will be more open about purchasing games.
Thank you, we Turkish players, if you provide subtitle support at least in the game because we have difficulties because it is an RPG game.
If you provide subtitle support even if there is no language support, I think to buy the ultimate editon with peace of mind.

thanks good work

10-20-2020, 06:29 PM

If Ubisoft games had support for Turkish language, thousands of Turkish people would buy these games. In Turkish forums we are also talking this matter. And you would be surprised if you heard the number of people saying this sentence: If ubisoft publishes its games in Turkish, I buy it without blinking an eye.

As a fan of Ubisoft games, it is our right to play games with understanding in our native language.

So it's not that hard actually. It can come after the games launch. As long as you take the first step.

I hope you pay attention to these considerable numbers of your Turkish followers.


10-23-2020, 12:36 PM
Hey folks!

I will pass this suggestion to the Valhalla team - I appreciate that you guys (and plenty of others) would like to experience the game in your native tongue. While there is no news regarding this at the moment, if this changes then we will update the forums to let everyone know.