View Full Version : 1701 4k performance got worse?

10-13-2020, 04:41 AM

I played 1701 maybe a month ago and didn't encounter any performance problems, aside from some occasional stutters (still a problem too btw, would like to know if it could fixed).
But after I tried to launch it again today I got fps in low 40s, if not less. Then I tried to check how it would work 1080 and it runs pretty smooth that way.
None components of my pc were changed during all this time. Could it be connected to a new x64 render maybe?

10-13-2020, 08:34 PM
I run my games on a 4k TV. After you change the TV to 4k and it is running 3840x2160. Do check the displays settings to make sure you are running at like 59hz or what you can run at?

10-17-2020, 03:46 PM
Hey! Thank you dmdilks for your help :)

From what I can see, there were no changes made to the game that could cause any changes.

Please list your PC components, as well as the monitor / TV you are using. That should help us look into this for you :)