View Full Version : Compete on a remake of the A08 track every 8th of month!

10-08-2020, 05:46 PM
Missing the A08 vibe?

Compete on a remake of the A08 track every 8th day of month during one hour!

It's starting from TONIGHT at 8PM CEST. Register for the event in-game through the Live - Events tab!

Have fun!


10-08-2020, 09:06 PM
There are always some trophys being thrown around here, but when will all those overdue trophys finally be delivered ??? :(

10-09-2020, 08:02 AM
Hi Sun-TM,

I can't tell you when trophies will be delivered but for sure it's on the to do list of the team :D

Kind regards :)

11-05-2020, 02:35 PM
A miracle has happened ! The overdue trophys have arrived. ;) Thanks ! :D

11-05-2020, 03:50 PM
Hi :)

It's not a miracle but the work of the team!

Happy Day!

11-05-2020, 04:56 PM
I know that, Alinoa. It was just a joke. But as a racer, I sometimes have a little problem with Nadeo's priorities. Then it takes too long for me.

Have a nice day ! :)

11-06-2020, 10:23 AM
Hi Sun-Tun,

You don't have to understand our priorities. Developers have their to do lists and we handle the priorities of to do lists in linked to many parameters.

However you are welcome to constructively report any issue or feedback to be sure that the team is aware of this issue.
We received many feedback from our alpha testers but it's always good to have reports or feedback from different kind of players.
Some players prefer building tacks, items, other one developing things, other ones competing, running servers or rooms and other ones prefer racing, winning trophies or playing with friends or family. Players have different interests when connecting to the game and having reports from different type of players is always rich for the team.

Happy Day!