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08-24-2006, 07:31 PM
I take-off from the Lexington about 10 miles west of Okinawa, my F4UC is carrying HVARs and a 1000 pound bomb. I am on a mission to hit a convoy of vehicles heading south on a dirt road somewhere near the town of Itoman. Upon approach of the coast I spot the town and see dust kicking up from some vehicles on the east side. I keep the moving vehicles on my left wing tip as a slowly circle around to get set up for my attack, there is no AAA and the sky is clear and blue. I then spot a pair of tiny dark spots sitting near the rivers edge on the south side of town; they are tanks, so I decide to hit them first. I turn and dive from 3500 feet, toward the tanks. I release my 1000 pound bomb and pull up, but I never see the results until I climb and bank left to prepare to hit the convoy. I kick the rudder and shoot a quick glance over my shoulder at the two tanks now smoldering by the river, then I get my Coursair lined up and carefully release all of my HVAR missles at the poor, sorry convoy of supply trucks moving down that dirt road. They never had a chance, I doubt if any of those guys lived through that mess. They must have been carrying ammo or something. They blew up good. So, I begin to head back to the Lex, but I get jumped by four KI-84s coming in fast and hard from the north.
These guys are all aces(I know because I made the damn mission) I'm nervous, I'm probably gonna get my arse shot off and die. I'm skimming a hill top at 450 KPH and the first two come at me about 100 feet off the deck. I pull up at the last second and touch off a burst of 20MM at the leader, I saw a flash and I must have hit him, because I would never see him again. The second two do the same thing, they come right at me fast and menacing. I never get a shot off but I fear a head-on collision so I jig and jive to avoid their bullets and then I pull up and do an Immelman bringing my plane down at about 300 KPH strait at the wing man of that first wave as he climbs toward me and shoots,his bullets miss, but mine dont. He climbs rolling, leaving a flaming, aerobatic smoke trail that arcs through the blue sky and ends with his plane exploding near the center of town. What a sight; smoking peices bouncing on the ground and tumbling through the streets. That leaves two. I am able to close in on the trailing plane of that second wave, not easy to get a bead on him, but I manage to get close enough for a risky long-shot using some Kentucky windage before his wing man can get around to me. I squeeze off a short burst and miss, I miss again because he is being very squirly, but I finally connect and he loses some pieces, begins to smoke, and goes away to leave me alone, and I do a split-S. Now his wing-man; number four KI-84 in this dog fight, is all over me wanting to eat my lunch and do my sister. This guy is P.O.ed He really wants to shoot me the hell down and do bad things. But I dive down low over the beach heading toward my carrier and building up speed. I try to push for max speed because I have'nt been scratched on this mission so I open her up, but then I start to overheat so I open my cowl flaps. I am now at 450, 460 KPH skimming the water leaving a wake and losing him, he is falling behind. Maybe I can get close enough to my carrier to let my AAA take him out, but I am too far away. After a minute of this I think I am far enough away from him, so I pull up hard nearly blacking out. I do an Immelman and roll-out diving toward him. He releases a burst at me and I roll left but still catch some in my right wing but I am still Okay. Still flying and under control, I pull up again feeling the effect of the holes in my wing, it's pullin to the right, good thing my aileron controls werent damaged. After nearly blacking out I rolled out again but for some reason he is climbing slowly away into the sun as if he was on a joy ride. Perhaps he thinks he got me and I'm dead. I apply power hard and get an over-heat warning but I don't care because I need to get this guy. My plane is not flying as steady as usual, I pull up slowly and carefully behind him(He does'nt even know I'm there)I touch the trigger button, with a flash and a puff of gray smoke his left wing seperates and he spins wildly down and away.
So thats what happened, I limp back the Lex, lucky to be alive. End of mission. Time to get ready for work tommorro.


08-25-2006, 11:54 PM
Flights like that make it all worth the learning curve. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/clap.gif
By the way, I hope you saved your flight. You might be able to make one heck of a movie with some of the new software that€s available now like FRAPS and others. I don€t know all that much about it at this point in time, but eventually I€d like to get some better gear and really get into it. It sure would be a shame to let a sortie like that one waist into oblivion.
Anyway, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it.