View Full Version : Deleting Anno 1503 online Savegames

09-30-2020, 09:58 PM
How can i delete online savegames in anno 1503?

i have the problem that i have safed a game and the other person was out, i played further and shut down the server, then we tried to join over the manual safe but it didnt worked, after we tried it over the lastgame-shutdown safe and then it worked but other player was in "free mode" he couldnt build and he only can watch.

Can someone help me out with this problem?

Greetings from Bavaria

11-22-2020, 06:03 PM
Hello HalorXx , thank you for posting in the forums about this.

The save files for our older titles can usually be found in your games installation folder, the Ubisoft Game Launcher folder, or your AppData folder.

Please make sure on your file browser screen you have selected 'show hidden files' as the AppData file will sometimes be hidden from view by default. Your save file should appear as a random number with the file extension .profile

Please try searching for the following folders -

<Drive where you installed your game> \ <name of game> \ SaveGame \ 123456.profile (Example)

<Drive where you installed your OS>\ Users \ <Your Username> \ AppData \ Roaming \ Ubisoft Game Launcher \ Anno1503 \ 123456.profile (Example)