View Full Version : Who's using a Wingman Force 3d??

06-18-2005, 10:58 PM
Hi all...this maybe slightly O.T but I'm stumped....I can't for the life of me figure out how one goes about assigning more than one command to one button ..would someone in the know please explain how the "cycling commands" and the "shift buttons" in the profiler function?...I'm using Track IR and would like to get away from having to look at the keyboard..thanks

06-19-2005, 08:03 AM
Dont have that stick and cant remember how it was done in the profile anymore, but I'll give a bump.

U might want to try the techforum . Lots of clever folks there.
Here's a link:

06-19-2005, 02:26 PM
yer right...have posted in the community forum as well...thanks F19_Ob