View Full Version : a small problem with the menu..

03-25-2011, 01:53 AM
This is a problem with the exclamation mark tell you you have new stuff to look at, things like your outfit and the stuff happening in the real world... i have the codex version for PC, and i unlocked the special looking armor for my out fit, and sence then every time i go in to menu the exclamation mark would show up on my inv tab, and when i get in, there is a exclamation mark on the out fit tab.. when when i go in to that, there is nothing new at all.. am not sure if the same thing is happening with the exiting and going back to the real world option, because the exclamation mark is showing up there as well, and this has only happened recently, when i go back and try and talk to the npcs, all they do is to tell me to go away, and there are no new emails on the computer... is there something i have to find in town? because i have found all 5 of the pices..

is any one having the same problem with me?