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This is a pc only info section.

All information re the pc here is up to date.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter information page
What is in it.
Computer Specs.
Production of the game.
Software used.
Weapon Information.
Tactical Information.
AI Information.
Single Player Info.
MP Info.
Server Information.
Communication Software.
Modding Tools.
Game Play.
In the Box.
After Game Surpport.
Developer Team Comments.
How to Order.
A Complete Game Guide.
All Technicle Support Answers.
Patch Links and Details.
Pinned Topics.

All relevent Links.

I have seperated the Fact Link Page Now.
See Below:
Here is all known published facts about the PC version of the Game.









The more information you supply the quicker the problem can be sorted out.


Also Today I have added another post that is helpfull to you, the meaning of minimal system specs and how to interpret them when choosing any game not just GRAW.

What are they and how do you make the decision to buy and run.

GRAW Minimum System Requirments:
Processor: Intel P4 or AMD, 2 GHz
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP (only!)
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Disk Space: 4.5 GB
Graphics Card: 128 MB DX9.0c compatible card (GeForce 6200 / Radeon 9600 or higher) *See supported list below
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive : X2 Read Speed
DirectX Version: 9.0c
Network: High-speed modem with 64 Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a client, 512Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a server on a full game.

Recommended Requirements:

Processor: Intel P4 or AMD 2.8 GHz
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP (only!)
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Disk Space: 4.5 GB
Graphics Card: 256 MB DX9.0c compatible card *See supported list below
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive : X2 Read Speed
DirectX Version: 9.0c
Network: High-Speed Modem with 128 Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a client, 512Kbits of data transfer upload rate for a server on a full game.

Graphics Cards Supported:
ATI Radeon 9600
ATI Radeon 9700
ATI Radeon 9800
ATI Radeon X300
ATI Radeon X600
ATI Radeon X800
ATI Radeon X1600
ATI Radeon X1800
ATI Radeon X1900

nVidia GeForce 6200
nVidia GeForce 6600
nVidia GeForce 6800
nVidia GeForce 7800

Laptop version of these chipsets may work but are not supported.
NOTICE: This game contains technology intended to prevent copying that may conflict with some DVD-RW and virtual drives.
The information above is the minimum and reccomended as the following information below will tell you may not be and is often not enough using ony the minimum.

Why Do Games Come with "Minimum Requirements"?

These days even an average PC can do almost anything we ask it to, including play most games. Still, sometimes the latest and greatest games require a high-performance PC. How do you tell which game is right for your computer?
Understanding a few basic statistics will help you decide which game software will work with your computer, and make getting into the game a snap.

Game makers know which computers can run their games at the minimum level and which computers will provide the best experience. This information is usually included on the package. These system requirements, or "specs," describe the computing power you need to be able to play. "Spec" is an abbreviation for "specifications;" in this case, computing power is what's being specified.

If you play games on a computer that's connected to the Web, use the Windows Game Advisor to find out which games will run best on your PC.

What Are System Requirements?

Game makers often, but not always, note a minimum spec and a recommended spec. Sometimes they just include the minimum.

Computers that meet the minimum spec will be able to run the game, but often you'll see delays and even limits on how much of the game will appear on the screen. Computers that meet the recommended spec should provide good performance during routine use.

Most games run on multiple versions of Windows, but many newer games were often not only designed to run on Windows XP, but for the first time were designed on computers running Windows XP/Windows Vista.

Why does it matter? Because Windows XP/Vista improves software performance. Once you've launched a game a few times, Windows XP/Vista knows where the code and data needed to start the game are located, and rearranges them automatically so it can load them into memory faster.

What's in System Requirements?

You can easily make good purchase decisions by knowing just a few details about your PC. We'll give you two ways to get those details about your system.

Six crucial pieces of information
? The Processor speed tells you how fast your computer can "think," or execute its decisions. The processor makes hundreds of thousands of decisions each second, and those are measured in megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz). 1,000 megahertz equals 1 gigahertz. So, for example, 800 Megahertz equals .8 Gigahertz.

This is important because you'll see numbers both ways. Your computer might be in the megahertz range, but if you see a gigahertz measurement in a specification you can still compare the two. These listings are almost always abbreviated?800 MHz, for example, or .8GHz. So, if your machine's processor lists at 1.2GHz, it can run any software rated at that level or below.

? RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and is often called just "memory." It's measured in megabytes (MB), often called "megs." In the simplest terms, RAM helps the processor by keeping some information "closer" to it.

The processor's decision-making requires answers to thousands of questions and RAM temporarily keeps frequently-used answers handy. The more RAM you have, the fewer answers the processor has to wait for, and the less you have to wait for the computer.

Most machines now ship with at least 512MB of RAM. Games can make computers work hard, though. Don't be surprised if some detailed games require 256MB, and recommend even more.

? DDR/VRAM is RAM used by the video card in your machine?the video card is the part of the computer that feeds everything visual to the monitor. You could say that like the computer's processor, the video card spends much of its time pestering the rest of the computer with questions about what to do next.

DDR/VRAM temporarily keeps graphical data handy for the video card and the processor?like RAM does for the processor.

Games, without a doubt, can be the most demanding software you run on your video card and DDR/VRAM. Great games look almost like movies, and nothing at all like regular software. 256MB of DDR/VRAM is a fairly common minimum requirement these days, and more and more games demand 512MB.

Most mid-line PCs ship with 128-256MB, but 256MB and above is more and more common for Mid to high-end computers.

Disk space refers to hard drive space, or "HD" in print. Like RAM and VRAM, it's measured in megabytes (or megs, or MB). Disk space is the quiet room in the computer where the computer keeps information that it's not currently using.

You'll need space here to install the game, and a little more to make room for other files created during play. You may notice that when you install the game it doesn't seem to use all the space it says it needs. That's because the computer uses more disk space when you're playing the game. Trust the makers when they say how much space they need. If you run short, things will slow down. Way down.

CD-ROM/DVD drive speed. Even after installing, you'll need to insert the CD-ROM DVD-into the drive to play most games. This helps ensure copyright protection. Why install the software at all then? Why not just play directly from the CD/DVD? Because CD-ROM drives aren't anywhere near as fast as computer processors yet, and they won't be anytime soon.

CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive speed essentially measures how quickly the hardware in the CD tray can ask the CD questions and communicate the answers back to the computer.

This information is communicated by a multiplier, which is always an even number?8x, 12x, 16x,32x etc. The higher the number, the faster the speed. So long as your computer's number is equal to or higher than the number the game needs, you're fine.

DirectX version. DirectX is the software that manages graphics and sound, and it's particularly well designed to run game software's large bundles of audiovisual data. Games list the oldest version they can work with. If your game demands a new version, you can download it. DirectX is free, and it doesn't take long to install.

What's in my computer?Two free tools will tell you how powerful your computer is. The Windows Game Advisor requires a short download and will tell you everything about your computer. It'll also suggest some good games for your PC.

If you already have a game in mind and want to know whether you can play it, use the DirectX Diagnostic tool. The DirectX Diagnostic is built in to DirectX 9. If you have Windows XP or recently installed a new game, you probably have DirectX 9 installed; if not, visit the Microsoft Download Center.

Why does it all matter?
Many factors affect the overall performance of your PC?even if it's powerful and brand new. Understanding that, if you meet the recommended spec for the game you want to play, you should be ready to have fun. Check the spec listings, usually on the back of the box or inside the flap, before you decide to buy a game. You can also check the Web. Specs for most games appear along side the games at online retailers.

Occasionally you may run across a game that sounds fun, but requires more computing horsepower than your system has. Computers are always getting more powerful, and games try to keep up. New games let you do more, they look better, and, often, take more power to run. If there's a game you like that doesn't run well on your PC, consider playing an earlier version. Many of today's great games are sequels to great games from a couple of years ago.

This above section on hardware is a bit dated but the point is the same.

Which Tool Do You Want to Use?Show me what's on my computer?and great family gift ideas, too (Windows Game Advisor)

I have a game in mind and just want to know what's on my computer (DirectX Diagnostic)

Here you will find all the fixes that Ubisoft/Grin have completed since the games release.

What Ubisoft and Grin have done since release.

This is a short well not so short breakdown of what has been fixed and added to the game since its release.

GRAW 1.10 Patch.
Starting in June, Ubisoft and developer GRIN will release brand new multiplayer modes, including:
Deathmatch mode, Map Editor for Deathmatch and Domination, anti-cheat fixes, Anti Aliasing feature, and New co-op maps
Throughout the summer:
Team Deathmatch, Hamburger Hill modes, Original GR co-op mode, Map editor for TDM, HH, OGR co-op, GRAW co-op improvement (quick start and respawn) and Dedicated Server pack.

Numerous HUD fixes to prevent issues with cameras, inventory screens and resupply.

Animation and lighting fixes for various objects.

Fixed general synchronization problems in Cooperative and Domination modes.

Destructible objects are correctly reset when restarting rounds in multiplayer.

Issues causing user disconnects in multiplayer have been found and fixed.

You can no longer remain invisible and kill players using grenades.

Fixed crash that could occur after restarting rounds on Avenues map.

Player can no longer spawn dead or remain living when the round restarts.

Zone glitches on two multiplayer maps corrected.

Game no longer crashes while attempting to open inventory out of Dom zone.

Helicopters will no longer fall down in certain situations.

Cooperative objective waypoints correctly appear after spawning into an AI ghost.

Domination statistics have been adjusted.

GRAW will no longer run as process priority "High", resolving keyboard problems.
Interface updates

Coop players can now see status of others in inventory. Gray means loading, yellow is not ready, green means good to go.

You no longer have to press "Enter" to confirm input in the multiplayer interface. This should fix certain issues users were having with Gamespy login.

In game chat can now be toggled to be visible or not. Default key for this is "u". You will still receive chat messages when this is hidden.

Key bindings added for CrossCom actions. It is now possible to reassign the CrossCom previous and next buttons through the game interface. This change will resolve the issue for users with no mouse wheel.

AGEIA updates
Landscape meshes for levels tuned and updated for better AGEIA performance.

Performance increase on bullet hit particles.

Some stalls have been removed.

A bug that caused zero vertices in baked fluid meshes has been fixed.

A bug that caused the rigid bodies from a hand grenade explosion to fall through the ground has been fixed.

A faster rendering mode has been added for debris particles.

PhysX effects modified to use the faster rendering mode.

Patch 1.16 Add on and fixes.

Added Components in this Issue.
Game mode Deathmatch added.

A new gametype Deathmatch(DM) has been added to the game, along with 3 new DM maps.
New coop missions.

Missions 1, 5 and 9 have been updated to work in Coop mode. You can now enjoy the full campaign in multiplayer.

Server interface revamped.

Numerous new server options are now available:

Start match conditions ("All slots full", "All players are ready", "one player on each side is ready", and "server is ready").

Tactical points can be disabled.

Any player joining a spawn limited server will only have as many spawns as the player with the least left, or 0 if the match has only 1 spawn.

Players on a spawn limited server will be spawned automatically into the game after 60 seconds.

An "Immortality at respawn" option has been added, and it can be from 1 to 10 seconds.
Statistics screen for Domination has been updated.

It now contains better overall match statistics, round statistics and keeps stats from round to round(for the duration of the match). You can now see the current match scores and time remaining in the ingame status screen, default "Tab" key.

Weapon kits are now available.

At the bottom of the Inventory you can now find 4 default kits, fully customizable. If a server is playing with the "Disabled tactical points" option, your selected kit will automatically be re-selected on every spawn.

Better impact sensation.

Some new sounds have been added for when you're hit or when hitting others. When hit, your reticule will be nudged off center.

Character models have also been updated, so there's a generally larger area considered to be a "headshot". Weapons damage has also been updated, increasing the chance a single shot to the head will generate an instant kill.

Colours have been added to the chat window.

Your actions are represented by blue, while red is hostile activity. A yellow hue is used for s tatus messages and chat is still white. The chat window can now also be toggled in three modes, default key "u": regular, transparent or hidden.

Anticheat server option has been added.

When enabled this feature will run certain checks to match the client with the server. Note that this will affect any users with modded files, including the main GRAW.exe. If you wish to play using modified files, make sure the server configuration matches your own, or you will not be able to play (this includes all files in the ./local/ directory).

Editor has been added.

Grins own editor has been updated and is now released for public use. You can always reach the built-in help functions by pressing "F1".

We've also included a basic tutorial document, which you can find in the "Support" directory where you installed GRAW. After you've made your map, press "Escape" and then "Export" to prepare the map for the game.

This will allow you to set some options like lightmaps and level quality. Please note that for large maps rendering these can take a very long time. Once the process has been completed, a file with your maps name and extension .bundle can be found in the custom_levels directory of GRAW.

This .bundle file can then be distributed, and is the only result file you need to share. All players wanting to play your map must have a local copy of it.

Chat has been added to status screens.

Chat Window now allows for more text in higher resolutions.

A sticky leaning feature (enabled by default) has been added in the Game options.

Primary weapon, secondary weapon, backpack, grenade launcher, frag grenade and smoke grenade can now be bound to hotkeys.

Anti aliasing: Edge smoothing feature has been added to the graphics options.

There's now a "Connecting to" dialog box when connecting to a server. This will display more information and possible error messages about why you cannot join a server.

Custom context.xml files can now be loaded with a -o parameter on GRAW.exe.

Screenshot button can now be bound from the Options screen. Default key "Ins".

AI now correctly identifies mounted weapons and gun nests as threat.
AI will now attack vehicles with soldiers that they can harm (including helicopters).
AI will now always go into combat mode if being fired upon.
AI teammates are more prone to seek lower covers. They will sit down instantly when taking fire.
AI teammates will try to avoid running in front of you when you are shooting, if you are close enough.

Changed statistics screen for coop to contain more information for all.

Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in ghost cam when the coop mission ended.

Fixed a bug where AI statistics were lost when a player respawned.

You can now aim down while lying down(in prone) where it's natural to do so.

Strafing after sprinting will no longer instantly bring up your gun.

Removed a small delay before being able to run after reloading.

Amount of grenades have been tuned in multiplayer.

Rust pipes have been fixed.

Updated some graphics objects to display correctly.

Regular weapons can no longer blow up barrels.

MP02 (Warehouses) has been updated and some physics effects removed.

Enemy markers now correctly appear on hostile tanks and helicopters.

Fixed some minor crashes and bugs.

Players can now correctly buy more ammo in MP.

Weapons switch correctly synchronizes in MP.

Fixed typo that caused the air condition sound to continue after being broken.

General interface fixes.

Game no longer crashes if you load a Domination map with no zones.

Patch 1.20. Patch.
This patch contains the complete 1.16 update with all the maps and files, so you don't need to download it. Here is the changelog:

A serious timing issue that could cause servers to crash or lock up on map rotation after a 7-10 hour idle period has been fixed.

Increased the grace period for anticheat to receive a reply from the client.
Fixed crash where AI snipers would crash the game when noticing vehicles.

GRAW 1.21 Add on and Fixes:
Game mode Hamburger Hill added.

Game mode Team Deathmatch added.

Two new game types, Hamburger Hill(HH) and Team Deathmatch(TDM) have been added to the game, along with two brand new maps. Some maps have also been added to multiple game modes. In addition the editor has been updated to output maps to these modes.

Added "Server Info" button in the multiplayer interface, and a "lock" icon to show servers with passwords.

More sound, grunts and a dying sound has been added when you're getting shot.

A new "Skip Insertion" option exists for Coop missions.

This option will spawn the players at the last stage of the insertion, just before the mission starts.

"Death cameras" have been added.

Two new options exists when creating a server, "Members" and "Overview". Overview includes the "Members" option. If deathcams are enabled and a player runs out of lives on a limited spawn server, the player can access the deathcam. It will toggle with mouse1 and mouse2 by default, and you can return to the status screen with "tab".

A new SLI checkbox exists in the graphics settings to alert the player that SLI is enabled for the game.

Sound settings can now properly be saved.

Anticheat will now be checked on player spawn to prevent any false positives during map load.

Fixed a crash issue with inventory kits in multiplayer.

GRAW PC map pack 3 released
After an extensive Beta test within the GRAW PC community, the results are in and the fans have spoken. Two of the most called for multiplayer game modes in the Ghost Recon franchise make their return in GRAW PC Multiplayer Pack3.

Siege Mode
In Siege you fight for control of a strategic zone, where one team defends (the Ghosts) while the other attacks (the Mexicans). If the attacking team manages to get inside the zone and survive for more than five seconds, they will win the game.

Original Ghost Recon Co-op Mode
In OGR Cooperative mode, you and your team-mates face off against hostile soldiers in enemy territory. Your mission is to reach the extraction point. The rebel troops have taken Camp Chapultepec and are using it as a staging area for their activities in the region.

Their presence is increasingly affecting the operations of troops loyal to the Mexican President and the Ghosts are sent to deal with the situation before the rebels can fortify their position. This mode allows for up to 12 players to play together (3 teams of 4 players)!
Additionally you will find the dedicated

servers pack, including:
Standalone dedicated server executable
Server administration console (complete list of commands to host and manage your matches - restart match, change mode/map, change server options, kick/ban players -)

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter version 1.35
* Multiple fixes for the disconnection issues in multiplayer, including increased stability in connection between server-client and server-GameSpy.

Fixed incorrect game times in OGR Coop.
Enabled the creation of multiple objectives and random events in OGR Coop.
Fixed the tactical map camera so that it works correct in custom OGR Coop levels.
Fixed crash when using grenade launcher with high latency.
A full server will not accept connections while it's loading the next map.
Fixed the issue with increasing the number of players on the server run-time.
Fixed "time not running" when a client is drop-in joining.
Moved the time-out values to the server settings file.
Various crash prevention fixes.
Grin/Ubisoft are still working on GRAW and we will see more improvements Im sure.

Also these questions have already been sorted by Ubisoft and can be found here.List Below.
Ghost Recon: Advanced War Patches / Patch Issues Updated - Where can i find the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1.35 patch.
This Patch is the only one you need. http://patches.ubi.com/ghost_recon_advanced_warfighter/

Link to problems solved Tech Support

http://ubisoft-en.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ubisoft_en.cfg/p...ch_nl&p_sort_by=dflt (http://ubisoft-en.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ubisoft_en.cfg/php/enduser/std_alp.php?p_sid=BXHp6cBi&p_lva=&p_li=&p_accessibility=0&p_page=1&p_cv=&p_pv=1.88&p_prods=88&p_cats=0&p_hidden_prods=&prod_lvl1=88&prod_lvl2=0&cat_lvl1=0&p_search_text=ghost+recon+advanced+warfighter&p_new_search=1&p_search_type=answers.search_nl&p_sort_by=dflt)

The advice above is to help you.

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thanks Colin

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Amazingly, Colin's post contains way more GR information and reference value than a few GR3 websites I've seen. Good post/thread.

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SEALZ-Colin if i run into any other good Content site i will be sure to swing them by you also. cheers

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This post has been updated.
The Q and A section.
The Facts section
The Screen shot Section


11-13-2005, 03:53 AM
Updated today 13th November.
Added Screens and PC Q.and A

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Updated Today 9th Jan 2006

02-12-2006, 07:33 AM
The Fact Link page has been completly redone and is up to date as of today.

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Thanks Colin. Keep up the good work. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

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www.GR3.OBROZ.net (http://www.GR3.OBROZ.net)

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good help Colin like always thanks.

02-16-2006, 11:41 AM
Updated today.
Tac Map.
AI extreme edition.
Selection in Game.

03-06-2006, 05:19 PM
Some more updates.
Cross Com
Map Draw
Gore levels
Game Rating
Kits slot numbers

We are getting updates every couple of days.


03-10-2006, 07:25 AM
Updated today.
Weapons, choice and why.

03-27-2006, 04:24 AM
Updated today, Screen section and new dedicated Library.

03-28-2006, 10:21 AM
It has all what I want to know about GRAW PC.

03-31-2006, 05:56 AM
Quite a large update today.
Mostly about the detail in the movie.

04-06-2006, 02:13 PM
Updated today.
PC Reviews
PC Screen Shot Library Updated.

04-12-2006, 01:46 PM
Updated today.
Mp Section
Weapons Section
Insertion Section
Screen Shot Section
Sound Section

04-21-2006, 05:58 AM
Updated today.

Its a large update, the whole section is about 24 hrs in the red will be totally updated today.

04-26-2006, 04:11 PM
Apologies for the noobish question but is there a list of commands for the GR games ie: check FPS, screenshot, etc?

05-05-2006, 12:33 AM
Not as yet included, will be this weekend.
Large update this Sunday.

05-05-2006, 01:28 PM

Can you get us some news on what exactly is being worked on for the patch?

05-07-2006, 09:41 AM
Sorry for delay.
Server and MP tweaks bugs fix first.
These seem to be quite urgent.

You will probably find that existing issues that are affecting game play will be taken care off first.
MP and SP.

05-08-2006, 04:13 PM
You sound as though you are someone who knows their stuff. I am hoping you can help me out here. And I apologise for jumping in the middle here, but this is driving me nuts.
I am sure others have asked or you have read, Is there a fix for the roving scope sights? When i bring up the sight, scope or iron, its like I've been drinking all night and then done some speed to steady my nerves.
I love this game and have been playing GR since the begining. I hate to stop now because of this.
My specs are:
Intel LGA775 P4 530 (3.0)CPU
Intel 915 GAGL MB
Radeon x600pro, (PCI Express)
512MBR, dual channel. the vid card has 256.
If you know of anything I can do, I'd be really greatfull.

05-19-2006, 08:08 AM
Pm me with a couple screens shots Ill have a look.

PS try and keep Tech questions in the right section bro, they do get looked at daily.


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Updated Today.

07-17-2006, 06:44 PM
Hi, my name is Mark. I am having trouble shooting down the helicopters in "Come to Bear" (Mission 6 or 7). Can you please give me some hints?

Thanks. ...MArk

07-19-2006, 11:49 AM
Please look at the following guide on this mission.

It will help you complete it.

10-02-2006, 04:10 PM
Colin, I have tried to return to GR.net, but for some reason, I can't get on! Could it be that I had disagreed with an Administator (ZJJ) about a thread I started? I have never had any problem getting on GR.net before.

10-02-2006, 04:14 PM
Originally posted by mmashley:
Hi, my name is Mark. I am having trouble shooting down the helicopters in "Come to Bear" (Mission 6 or 7). Can you please give me some hints?

Thanks. ...MArk Mark, tell your man with the Zeus to attack the helicopter, or better yet point at the Helicopter and click "attack. The squad will attack it and bring it down.

10-02-2006, 04:17 PM
Originally posted by spookn:
You sound as though you are someone who knows their stuff. I am hoping you can help me out here. And I apologise for jumping in the middle here, but this is driving me nuts.
I am sure others have asked or you have read, Is there a fix for the roving scope sights? When i bring up the sight, scope or iron, its like I've been drinking all night and then done some speed to steady my nerves.
I love this game and have been playing GR since the begining. I hate to stop now because of this.
My specs are:
Intel LGA775 P4 530 (3.0)CPU
Intel 915 GAGL MB
Radeon x600pro, (PCI Express)
512MBR, dual channel. the vid card has 256.
If you know of anything I can do, I'd be really greatfull.
Brian Brian,

The requirements for the game are 1 gig of ram. If you have less than that your scope will roam. I suggest that at least another 512 RAM be added if not more. I have 2 gig of RAM and the game runs well. I also have a GeForce 6800XT AGP vid card with 512 MB of VRam

10-03-2006, 03:12 AM
Hi the above suggestions are very good.
Please also make sure of what programmes you have running are at a minimum. ESP AV SPW programmes.

The tweak guides in the pinned topics are really very good and will solve 99 percent of problems.

As far as problems go on GR.NET you would need to take it up with Rocky.


10-09-2006, 04:34 AM
Updated today.
Tech guide and routine reporting for problems.
All posts re tech support are passed on daily and recorded.

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i need help over here http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif




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The link is here.

01-25-2007, 11:50 AM
This has been updated today a lot, it covers all faq and some hints on sys specs and runs in conjunction with other pinned topics.

04-25-2007, 08:51 PM
Hey, I must be doing something wromg, or, the default "G" key for cross-com commands means something else in French........first when i pull up the tac map why does the additional asset "Apache" for example not appear on that screen, and further when I zoom sight on a target nothing happens at all when I hit the "G" key to give the attack order to the air asset. I got it to work on the ADAT's but had to get really close to even get the "G" key interface to come up. This is really getting on my very last nerve. I do not pay for games just to have the "priviledge" of spending lots of time talking to tech-weenies about why their product is incapable of un-f$%king itself.