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01-02-2006, 12:00 PM
This happened last night, and I thought I'd share...

"December 20, 1931 0034 hours, Grid AM51,

"Captain, please wake up."
"Seaman...." Captain VonKrumm V awoke slowly to the blurred and red face of one of his nonrates. When his eyes cleared, he knew the night had yet to pass, for the red lights were still lit.
"Sir, I'm terribly sorry to wake you, but sonar reports a warship."
Quickly, Captain VonKrumm made his way to the control room where his First Lieutenant had the watch. "Warship?"
"Yes, Captain. Two screws, high pitch, aft quarter to port."
"Bring us to periscope depth."
"Aye, sir. Con, new depth 1-3 meters."
"Con, aye, new depth 1-3 meters."
Just then, one of the sound tubes rattled with the voice of the sonarman. "New contact! Warship, bearing 3-0-0, closing!"
The 1st Lts brow furrowed "Two ships? A convoy?"
"Mmm." Said the Captain in reply. He had been reading a british novel that had been publish a few years back, and had taken to the tightlipped style of the main character - the book was contraband, of course - "Captain Hornblower" and he rather liked the stoic, bluff Englishman who set his ships against the forces of Napoleon. Even if he was English. 'What the hell?' thought the Captian, 'he might have been English, but he killed a lot of Frogs.'
His thoughts were interuped by yet another report from sonar, and the petty officer could hardly keep the excitement from his voice "New contact, warship! Bearing 3-1-0! Multiple screws!"
VonKrumms eyebrows went up at this, and he began to speak, but again, the sonarman interupted him
"New contact! Bearing 3-1-5! Multiple screws! "What have we found, Captain? This isnt a convoy!"
VonKrumm lost all pretense of being stoic. "No, not this close to Scapa! This is a battlegroup! Con, flank speed, bring us around hard! New course, 2-7-0!"
"Con, aye! Signalling flank, rudder hard to port, comming about new course 2-7-0!"
The waterline was just passing the 10 meter mark, and VonKrumm raised the combat periscope to its maximum hight. Detection be ****ed, if this was the battlegroup he thought it might be, he would happily risk the destroyer escorts.
The night was virtually without light, and the sea pitched and heaved, washing over the sight of the periscope on occation.
"Sonar, estimate range to last contact."
"In these seas, sir, I'd guess three kilometers, maybe four."
VonKrumm searched first for the horizon, which was almost impossible to find, then any indication of warships. The sub had swung around to face west, and the strain of pushing the ship at 8 knots underwater made a constant and annoying vibration on the deck.
Sonar picked out a total of eight warships, most probably destroyers, but there were two sound contact which had several high-speed screws.
"There you are!" shouted the Captain. A faint outline, just slightly less black than the rest of the cavernous North Sea, and the Captian lunged at the recongnition book. "America, no, Brasil, no....Britain......carrier.....no....here"
VonKrumm showed an evil smile. "Its the HMS King George. Thirty-six thousand tons displacement."
"We wont knock it under with three fish. Not even four if we swung around."
VonKrumm waved off his 1st Lieutennat, even though he might be right, and set about identifying the second large contact. "Its the Revenge. We've got two ships of the line, thirty five hundred meters, and three torpedoes left. Open all tubes, prep for fire."
"Tube 1 green. Tube 2 green. Tube 4 green. Tube 5 green."
"On my mark, fire one. Mark. Fire 2. Fire 4."
"All torpedos in the water and running, sir."
"Bring us about hard."
The boat swung about to its old heading and attempted to break contact with the group. Sonar gave a new report "Sonar, explosion, aft."
"****it, thats a minute and a half too soon."
"Magnetic detonator. Again."
"Yes, Captain."
"Right. Fire on my mark, last torpedo. We'll see if we can....mark!...get something out of this."
"Theres what looks to be a Hunt that we might pick off. Its a little fish, but we're going to come up empty even if those other two hit the Revenge. Time to impact?"
"Two minutes ten seconds."
VonKrumm spent the whole of that peering into the scope, and finally, the monotony of the fight was broken by a distant flash of light. Sonar reported an explosion, five seconds past calculated impact. "Thats a kill. At least we've got something. When we're out of range of the destroyers, surface and send contact and patrol reports. Then set a course back home."

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"December 20, 1931 0034 hours, Grid AM51, ... "

You started the war early ? http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/1072.gif

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better early than be late! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif