03-05-2010, 09:54 AM
I am a PC gamer. I don't own an Xbox 360 nor a PS3. I have been waiting for 5 months for the PC version of Assassin Creed 2 (AC2) to be released. It is unfair that Ubisoft lets console gamers play AC2 first in Nov 2009 whereas it releases the PC version 5 months later on March 2010 because it is afraid that if it releases the PC version at the same time as the consoles, PC piracy of the game would occur and hurt their sales. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 had Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions released AT THE SAME TIME on 2nd March 2010 in USA and released AT THE SAME TIME on 5th March 2010 in UK and Europe. Why doesnít Ubisoft follow this new practice by Electronic Arts game developer ????? Treat PC gamers with respect for godís sake!

Furthermore, PC is the platform from which ALL games are developed! So why not release PC and console versions at the same time?

For your information, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions also become pirated too !! Why go after PC gamers so much? It is bad enough for PC gamers to see their fellow console gamers submit YouTube walkthrough videos of AC2 and this completely spoils the game for PC gamers.

I am based in the UK and preordered the PC version of Assassin's Creed 2 and was surprised to find that a permanent internet connection is needed to play the game. So all this time, Ubisoft actually needed five whole months to develop this new and silly DRM and place this DRM on all its PC discs of AC2 whereas they were saying all this time that they were using the 5 months to "improve the graphics and patch up any in-game errors".

Furthermore, the AC2ís PC version is $60 US dollars whereas the console versions were $50 US dollars when there is no difference in the PC or the console versions at all. Do we get 10 US dollars of more fun for the PC version? Is the new DRM in PC versions the extra $10 US dollars worth of fun?

Doesn't Ubisoft realise that putting this DRM, which is intended to target pirates, also affects all non-pirating Ubisoft PC customers?

This is how it affects Ubisoft PC customers:
How about playing the game in the airport or places with no internet/broadband? That's just plain stupidity. I have been a loyal Ubisoft customer and bought Ubisoft products from Prince of Persia to Splinter Cell. This new DRM does not allow me to play AC2 while travelling or on vacation overseas as an internet connection is needed the whole time. And what more, if the internet connection accidentally gets cut off, the game does not pause but you are kicked out to the menu screen and you lose all your game progress.

I found a list of Ubisoft Press and Public Relations Representative email addresses in the Ubisoft official website. This DRM issue and releasing the PC version half a year later than console versions is a matter of Public Relations and something that Ubisoft Press Relations representatives have to know about and pass on the message to the Ubisoft game developers and Ubisoft executives.

Here is the website containing the list of Ubisoft Press and Public Relations repsí email addresses.

I SUGGEST writing to the Public Relations Manager in Ubisoft Montreal because AC2 was made in Ubisoft Montreal. I have added the email addresses of Ubisoft Public Relations rep in Canada, USA and UK below for your convenience. In fact, just mass email to all the Ubisoft Canada, USA and UK Public Relations reps about the new DRM and about releasing all PC and console versions of Ubisoft games at the same time like how Electronic Arts does.

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