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03-06-2009, 12:29 PM
The web Forums are up-

The gaming ladder will be up NO LATER than 3/9/09. You will be able to sign your clan up for clan matches or register as a free agent!

We will have very unique Vegas1 and Vegas2 Ladders including the TERRORIST HUNT TIME TRIALS. Sign up your terrorist hunt clans!

We will also have free tournaments and special cash prize tournaments.

We also record clan matches LIVE for the whole Rainbow Six Vegas World to watch how good you are!

Our staff is friendly knowledgeable and experienced!

Visit us today!
www.VegasWarsLIVE.com (http://www.VegasWarsLIVE.com)
www.ClanWarsLIVE.com (http://www.ClanWarsLIVE.com)