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12-26-2010, 04:57 PM
the story is awesome. but the game play has lost some features. for example: eavesdropping, pick pocketing, interrogating, etc. the in game story has become just filler for the meat which is the present time line story.


The animus is more prominent in the first one. It makes you feel as though this is computer generated, which is a good thing. Because, the story is about the present day. The current ones have lost that feel to some degree. So, on to the game play. The idea having game play similar to Hitman is awesome. I liked the game Hitman. The idea of wondering around and getting familiar with the hit by scouting it out first is the way it works. The current game is more of a brute force approach. I feel that the stealth aspect has been lost. Now this may also be due to the fact that you have to run all around the town just to get something done, which leads to running on roof tops or running real fast which leads to run ins with the local law. These un-important fights tend to make the game feel disconnected. The open world is cool from the stand point of an awesome scenic view, but I just want to play through the story. The other issue on repetitive game play that other people have mentioned is kind of dumb. Because games like God of War, Call of Duty, Uncharted, Lego whatever, etc. are all highly repetitive. The only way I find them not to be so, is when the story is so engaging that you forget about the game play. Now this is not to say that you should have crappy game play on top of an awesome story but it does mean that the game play shouldn't try to hard. On some of the secondary content, the assassin recruits is a cool idea but by the time I started using them it was towards the end of the game. If there is a follow on (there better be) it would be nice to have the brotherhood already there. Some management is good but could be better that they help with the content filler side missions. And on that subject, why is an assassin helping the Templars??? Anyway, This latest one was a little lacking on the present day story as well. The concept of emails is a good idea, but I don't like to read. And it comes across as though you couldn't work it into the story as a stand alone scene or something. I feel that the story in the past was just filler this time around and that the whole of the story was just the last 2 minutes.


And in those last 2 you killed off Lucy. Why does everyone keep killing that girl off. Maybe you can say in the next story that Desmond was able to stay the blade just enough to miss anything vital. I see that as a major blow to the present day part. The crew will lose trust in Desmond and will become unwilling to help him. I don't know, you guys know more about the story than I do. But I did catch that the story hinted at the fact that she may have her own agenda, which could be fine but just kill her off without even having a reveal as to what the agenda is?

** End of SPOILER **

One last thought on the story. Maybe you can branch out the content and follow some of the other groups (mentioned in the emails) and what they are pursuing. This could give some breadth to drawing out the life of the game. Although, I think that a story should be told and when it is over it's over. Anyway, you probably won't read any of this but here is some feedback for you.

I guess I should comment on the multiplayer. It's lame. The chanllenges with scores is probably better but multiplayer is kind of dry in the sense that you just follow someone until you kill them. ok....

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