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damn govt cut backs..........they should have kept a separate budget just for aircraft that looked very very cool....no matter how impractical or expensive.

Such a sexy bit of kit especially in white, compared to what the rest of the worlds aircraft industries were turning out at the same time.

09-08-2007, 07:50 AM
A budget cut may explain the cancellation or not production of a project, but not the destruction of prototypes and plans yet produced. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-mad.gif

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Canada calling....check this out....


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...and this kind of politics and greed continue today.....to erase the existence of many things which would be a great help to mankind....such as many free-energy devices
scientists who exist on goverment funding will turn their backs on the truth and declare as impossible things like....cold fusion....free-energy....over-unity devices.....everlasting batteries etc....which stymies their acceptance and causes inventors to be afraid to make public any real devices....
plus giant corporations involved in selling fossil fuels and electricity etc. will never allow 'free-energy' to make any headway....goverments allow this to happen because they make too much from taxes too... and are under the influence of global power moguls

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It mentions management problems leading to escalating costs.

The guys that get those contracts are first best at making the deal, second best at deciding
where the money is spent and somewhere down the line they have people to actually build things.
And once you have a controlling structure that has the purse strings and is distanced from the
actual work you will always have management problems and escalating costs.

The government mechanism of people and policy makes it an easy target for specialized sales
tactics. Both sides know each other well so who else is going to get the deal? Is anybody
else big enough to play? Yes but check their loyalty index only consider buy from friends.

Just think of government as a person who knows little of computers, enough to use, and going
out to buy more PC than they knew existed and talking only to sales people. Of course it has
to run the next gen processor as soon as it's out kind of most powerful because your customer
can wait a bit. Better CPU needs better video card, price goes up. Needs faster, bigger HD,
price goes up, sound, up, controllers, ka-ching twice, brand new OS just for the new hardware,
well after the controllers it's not so bad, and all those other new needables just because.
But don't forget maintenance and training ($$$), would you like the extra extended warranty?