View Full Version : [All Platforms] TU 2.1.0 Crash Issue Compensation + UbiFwd Rewards Update

07-24-2020, 11:34 AM

As of yesterday, we have implemented our Hotfix to address the crashing issue that had emerged with the launch of TU 2.1.0. We deeply apologize for the impact this has had on some players ability to access the new content, as well as the frustration this issue has caused.

In order to thank you for your patience as we dealt with the issue and ensure everyone has a chance to play the event, we’ve taken several steps:

The Live Event has been extended until August 7 @ 9 AM UTC (previously July 29).
We will be offering all of our players 600 Ghost Coins – this will be granted directly to your account as of today, July 24. Please, bear in mind this process can take a few hours and you might need to restart the game to receive them.
The Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ubisoft Forward Rewards (Night Vision Goggle Pack: L3 Insight NVG, I-AWARE TM-NVG, Model 2740 LPNMV) are now available to everyone for free on the Ubisoft Club platform without restrictions. Please head here to redeem your rewards: https://club.ubisoft.com/en-US/game/ghost-recon-breakpoint/overview/

/The Ghost Recon Team