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07-23-2020, 08:30 PM
Pc Specs: 2080ti, 6700k @4.6, 16GB of 3600mhz ram, installed on SSD

I am running the game maxed out at 1440p @ 144hz with Gsync, vsync off in game and forced on in nvidia control panel. I cap my frames at 140 so Vsync doesn't activate at 144 to mess up with Gsync.

So I have two separate issues here.

ISSUE 1: The camera will move very slowly either left or right while on the ground. When I say very slowly I really do mean VERY slowly. If you position your ship close to another object and a background this is very easy to see.If you look at either the left most or right most section of the screen you can see the camera pan. You can also look at the reticle and you will notice given enough time the reticle will actually move off the object.

Things I have tried to resolve this: Unplugging controller (ds4) thinking it was stick drift. Verifying game files. Only using keyboard and mouse. None of these have worked and the issue still persists. It doesn't really effect aim since it would take like 30 seconds to a minute for the aiming reticle to travel its width in distance, but it's a bit annoying to witness once you've noticed it.

ISSUE 2: On any ships that are light or ultra-light, when you strafe side to side without forward or backward motion, the animation of the ship stutters. Since I am playing at 144hz, this is pretty noticeable since it looks like the ship is animating at around 60fps or something to that effect, It just does not look very smooth. So while the ship angles itself to it's max angle for the side to side movement, it will look comparatively choppy until it reaches that max angle, and will then be smooth unless you adjust the movement or start to pitch to the other side. This happens a bit in space as well but is much more severe during ground movements. Medium ships don't seem to have this effect (Or light ships that you turn to medium by adding extra wings), and heavier ships seem to have it as well although not as bad as light and ultra-light. This makes me think this is an issue with how fast the ships move side to side, as faster ships have more problems, almost like the game is skipping frames in the ship animation.

Things I have tried to resolve this: Cap to 60fps (This gets rid of the effect mostly but only because comparatively the camera panning looks to be the same refresh as the ship animation, so not really what I would call a fix). Vsync on and off. Gsync off. Many different combinations of graphics settings. Cap to 144fps (I cap at 140 typically), Cap at 120. Unplug controller to only use mouse and keyboard. Verify game files. Issue still persists.

I appreciate anyone reading this, and I know the devs have most likely moved on from the game, but If any of these issues could be confirmed or fixed that would be amazing. I'm really enjoying the game (I even double dipped on the switch version) and I hope to see a sequel at some point. Have a nice day!

Edit: I should also add that I am not dropping frames in game. Everything is a very smooth 144 (or 140) fps besides the issues I have mentioned.

07-26-2020, 02:10 PM
Hey Mault! Thank you for contacting us and I'm happy to see you're enjoying the game overall :)

The last Title Update has indeed already been released for Starlink, however we still report issues to the dev team in case anything can be done, or to avoid similar issues in future games.

I've not been able to find any reports of either of these issues so they are new to me. You have also tried everything I would have suggested so I believe these are improvements that would need to be made to the game.

Regarding issue 1 - I don't believe this is a mouse issue but it's worth checking. Have you tried unplugging every input device to see if the camera is still moving?

Issue 2 sounds as though the animation has not been fully optimised for such high frame rates. I will forward this feedback to the game team!

Thank you for your time!