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This guide was created by our awesome Wuslwiz, and this is the translation & adaptation to English. So all credits go to him. You can view the original guide here (https://forums-de.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/222670-Item-Guide-Pal%C3%A4ste-der-Macht-%E2%80%93-eine-effiziente-Aufbau-und-Item-Strategie)



Due to numerous positive feedback and the many interested parties of the other contribution (https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fforums-de.ubisoft.com%2Fshowthread.php%2F220231-Rekordversuch-3-2-Millionen-Einwohner-%25E2%2580%2593-Spielbericht-Tipps-und-Taktiken), I decided to write a real guide this time. In contrast to the report, the focus with this article was really to create a guide that is understandable and reproducible for every type of player - everyone can use the tricks and tricks listed here in his/her game and adapt it to his/her individual style of play as he/she would like.
Anno 1800 is a very complex game with many subtleties - the item system, especially the possibilities to receive these as a reward, is unfortunately partly very obscure, opaque and not easy for everyone to understand.
This article is intended to provide instructions and help all those players who simply would like to have more good items in their game, for those who would like to have a full zoo/museum/botanical garden and especially for all those annoholics who only have a few hours to indulge in playing Anno over the weekend.

The guide represents a possible approach to advance into the endgame as quickly as possible in order to build a palace, to unlock and use its effects, and in the end to efficiently get rare items. By using various tricks and game mechanics, large parts of the original game are skipped or bypassed - in part some procedures shown here have nothing to do with traditional Anno games. Those who reject such procedures should preferably not use this guide - everyone can decide for themselves.

Table of contents

Chapter I: A quick start in the game
Chapter II - Soap engine and the fast way to the endgame
Chapter III - Upgrade to engineers and investors
Chapter IV - The Dario Dice Method of 10
Chapter VI - Fast Influence Generation
Chapter VII - Rapid Attractiveness Generation for and with the Palace
Chapter VII - Visitors
Chapter VIII - Animals/Artifacts/Plants

If you are only interested about the Seat Of Power-related parts, you can skip to Chapter VII (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2249440-Guide-Seat-of-Power-an-efficient-build-and-item-strategy?p=15077768&viewfull=1#post15077768)

Game Settings Before You Start:
The very first thing to consider when starting a game is what you want to do with your game.
All beauty builders out there and all those who would like to have a full zoo and museum should definitely start with an AI. It can also be worthwhile for the efficiency players among you to start with an AI, if you want to. Pirates are never needed unless you have a specific need.
It is generally impossible to own all items in Anno 1800 in a single game, as there are character-specific items that can only be obtained from the respective AIs. Since the maximum possible AIs in a game is 3, you can never really get all the items (by the way, character items usually have no special use and are only there to make the world of Anno 1800 more lively):

NPC Settings for beauty builders/item hunters:
Eli Bleakworth, Madam Kahina and Bente Jorgensen

NPC Settings for efficiency players/strategists:
Eli Bleakworth, Madam Kahina and Dr. Hugo Mercier

The rest of the game settings are up to you. This guide and the approaches it contains work with every game setting and level of difficulty.

Chapter I - A quick start in the game

In the beginning everything is difficult ... or not. The first goal should be to get as much money as possible with as little effort as possible in order to finance the further development. Of course, you could just play and build normally at this point; If this is too slow for you or if you are new to Anno, use the following instructions:

First of all, choose the largest possible island with clay, iron ore and oil (if you started without a harbour) and which also has the two fertilities: potatoes and cereals. The rest of the fertilities are not important.
Tip: Always actively do quests to generate additional money - you can use that later. Also sell all items you get.
Build a marketplace, 20 houses, a fishery, a few lumberjacks and sawmills as usual, so that you have enough building material to start with. Here is an example of a proven lumberjack layout:


The “cloverleaf" layout has proven to be very efficient here - the buildings all work at 100%, only 1 warehouse is needed and the compact design also saves space. It's best to build 2 of these layouts on your island.

The first task afterwards should be to build and supply a village with exactly 218 houses and to build the necessary infrastructure. If you like it, you can use this layout:


Progressively build up your small village and, if necessary, build the associated utilities.
In order to supply a village of this size, you have to gradually build the following production chains:

4x fisheries
5x schnapps distilleries + 5x potato farms
4x framework knitters + 4x sheep farms

and the associated warehouses. It should be noted that each level 1 warehouse has only 2 loading ramps and can therefore only handle 6t/min. Logistics is the be-all and end-all in Anno 1800 - the AI ​​of the carriages, which manage the goods transportation, can be influenced by various tricks:


The example layout shown here is designed so that as few warehouses as possible are required (saves operating costs on higher levels of difficulty) - many routes are deliberately isolated so that the goods can only take one route. Even if a distillery should explode, no surrounding buildings will be damaged. The layout can be connected to the settlement by road by moving some buildings around, depending on how you want to connect them.
Now upgrade to workers. A total of 92 workers' houses and 126 farmer houses should end up existing in your village. Be sure to build a church and 2 pubs, if you haven't already.
While you are upgrading the houses, you can already think about building further production chains:

4x brick factories + 2x clay pits
2x slaughterhouses + 2x pig farms
2x bakeries + 1x mill + 2x grain farms


Again, it's best to use isolated layouts to save warehouses. With the production buildings, it is important that a police station is within reach (it is best to build these layouts near your clay pits and brick factories) - with this strategy there will certainly be some riots late.
Upgrade your harbour to level 2 as soon as possible; you can leave all warehouses at level 1.
Now it’s the time to go shopping - and you need steel beams for other buildings, such as schools and soap production. Buying steel beams from Archibald is cheaper and faster than producing them yourself. Buy a total of 80t steel beams from him - with the 12t from the start you now have a total of 92.

Also look for two specific items at Archibalds harbour, which we will use later to be able to buy Dario the Mechanical Engineer cheaper:


These items will only be needed later, but can already be bought if available (but do not roll the dice for them).
During your shopping tours you can build a school on your main island with the first new steel beams and then upgrade 27 worker houses to artisans. In the end, exactly 540 artisans should live in your city.
Now adjust the working conditions in the following buildings to ensure supply:

Fisheries to -15%
Schnapps Distilleries and Potato Farms to -10%
Slaughterhouses and Pig Farms to + 20%
Bakeries, Mills and Grain Farms to + 10%

This would complete the first phase. You have built a working settlement and have arrived in the midgame.

Chapter II - Soap engine and the fast way to the endgame

With the purchased steel beams and the many surplus workers, you can now gradually build up several soap production chains - in the end there should be a total of 6 (you can blueprint it and just build them as you get the materials)


The layout shown here is a loop layout, which means that the outer loop can cover all buildings with the fire and police station. The warehouses are also here at level 1 in order to save costs and to make the transport of goods as fluid as possible. Working conditions are raised to +50% for Pig Farms, Rendering Works and Soap Factory. (The layout is not space-saving because it is temporary - it will be torn down later if it is no longer required)
The entire overproduction soap is sold via a trade route to Eli Bleakworth, who actively asks for soap and buys it at price of $384/t while making soap for $70/t - so you make a decent profit for little effort.

In the meantime, you should also have found and acquired the two items: "Grand Trading Charter" and the "Royal Letter of Immunity".

Now build a window production chain with the fresh money - windows will be needed later as well as for the production chain of canned food.


For red pepper you will probably have to settle on a second island - choose an island with red pepper fertility and as many iron ore deposits as possible and set up a small settlement there.


Build 2 red pepper farms there and ship the raw materials to your main island by charter route or via your flagship. Then build on your main island:

2x Cattle Farms
2x Artisanal Kitchens
1x Cannery

Continue quests, set the game speed to maximum and wait until you have $500,000 in your bank account (it takes around 30 minutes). In the meantime, make yourself a coffee, tea or get something to drink. Also, fill your warehouse with all building materials (buy the steel beams from Archibald) and store canned food (block the consumption of canned food by your artisans). Now buy 200t of sewing machines from Archibald and store them in your storage (again block the consumption of goods).

Your inventory should look something like this at the end:

850t timber
350t bricks
300t steel beams
200t windows
200t canned food
200t sewing machines
200t sausages
200t bread
200t soap

Sail to Eli Bleakworth's harbour and search for the following item: "Contraception Regulation", purchase it and bring it back to your island. There is also the +10% variant, but with the +20% one it's a bit easier. If you have to roll the 20% item too often, just reload the game and try again - it is very common.


Now you have two options to choose from: either you settle a total of 20,000 farmers on several islands as you wish (e.g. 500 houses on 4 large islands with supplies) or you can continue reading the guide. All those who have opted for the farmer variant continue reading at Chapter IV.

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Chapter III - Upgrade to engineers and investors

As soon as your storage is full of bread, sausage, soap, sewing machines and canned food, you can start. For the next section, switch your game speed back to normal - you should work quickly and not waste any time.

Demolish 5 of your 6 soap production chains and now upgrade another 38 worker houses to artisans (all of the artisan houses must be in part of the city layout above). Your economy will complain of a labor shortage, but you can safely ignore it. Now release canned food and sewing machines for your artisans and let the missing residents move into the houses. In the meantime, tear down the market and place a town hall in its place - make sure that all the 65 artisan houses are within its radius.

As soon as you have reached 1500 artisans, the university will be unlocked - build it immediately on the outskirts of your city, so that all artisan houses are within its radius of influence. Immediately afterwards, slot in the town hall the “Contraception Regulation" item you bought earlier.

Now let artisans move in until all your artisan houses house 32 residents => then unslot the book from the town hall and upgrade all the 65 artisan houses to engineers manually in one go (this is now possible because there are 32/30 people in the houses).

You should have reached at least 1750 engineers and thus have unlocked the bulb production. Now downgrade all except 20 engineering houses, so that in the end you have 20 engineering houses, 45 craft houses, 51 worker houses and 102 farmer houses. Also immediately block the canned food and sewing machines again.

Sail with your flagship to Eli Bleakworth and buy from him:

50t zinc
50t copper
50t cement
100t coal
50t iron ore

Build two concrete factories and a furnace to convert the cement, coal and iron ore into reinforced concrete.
As soon as you have enough reinforced concrete, build:

1 Spectacle Factory + 1 Brass Smeltery + 1 Glassmaker + 1 Sand Mine

Then after you have 50t of glasses in stock, you can tear off the production chain again (or pause it)
Before the final sprint you have to make sure that you have full building material
storage (as stated above and additionally at least 3t extra reinforced concrete). Then sail to Madam Kahina’s harbour and get the "Sewing Threads" item and 200t coffee.


Slot in the 20% book again and the “Sewing threads" item from Madam Kahina in your town hall (make sure that all artisan and engineer houses are within the radius of influence, just like before) and release the canned food and sewing machines for artisans’ consumption.

As soon as you have 32 artisans in your houses, level up all 35 artisan houses to become engineers - you should now own 65 engineer houses. Release the glasses and the purchased coffee for your engineers and activate the item sewing thread in your town hall.
As soon as you have 40 residents in one of your engineer houses, unslot the book and quickly upgrade the engineer house into an investor house (you have to hurry because the house quickly drops to 39 residents again - the time window is rather small, but you should make it - if not, reslot it an try again)

Congratulations! You have reached the investor level and thus unlocked the palace - and how quick!

Now upgrade all the houses again to have: 65 artisan houses, 41 worker houses and 111 farmer houses and build:

An additional slaughterhouse + pig farm
An additional bakery + mill + grain farm

in order to adapt the supply accordingly (the layouts mentioned above can be expanded and are marked accordingly).

Chapter IV - The Dario Dice Method of 10

Once you have owned at least 1 investor house or settled 20,000 farmers in your game and have at least $600,000 in your account again, prepare the "Grand Trading Charter" and the "Royal Letter of Immunity" in your flagship and sail to Eli Bleakworth's harbour. When you reach it, activate both items and save the game (you can name it so you can find it easier in the list).

I can introduce you to a method that will solve all your money worries forever. For this we need a special epic (purple) item: Dario the Mechanical Engineer.

Dario produces Gramophones and Pocket Watches as extra goods, which can be sold for a lot of money. The item is relatively rare to get hold of, but using this method is pretty easy.


Roll the dice up to 10 times and look for the item "Dario the mechanical engineer" (as shown in the picture above) - if you haven't found it during the first 10 rounds, simply reload your game and repeat the process!

Do this until you are successful. The chance of rolling Dario at this point in the game is 1:60


Here I have shown the whole thing again graphically - You can see here how high the real probability is to get Dario. After about 65 tries, about 2/3 of you should already have found the desired item. This takes around 30 minutes on a two-year-old PC with a normal SSD (depending on the hardware, this is either faster or slower) - if you are really unlucky, you invest a maximum of 2.5 hours here (you don't have to do it in one go, but can divide the time for it, just do it for 15min next to a movie or the news again and again until success, so it is not annoying) - this is the only loading process in the entire guide! After that, everything is easy.

Chapter V - The Dario sewing machine layout

With Dario on your island, you immediately connect all your ore deposits and build the iron ore mines. Then you build a sewing machine layout with a Trade Union:


In order to supply this layout, you need a total of 8 iron mines (or 7 iron mines if you buy additional iron ore from Eli Bleakworth) - take another island for additional iron ore sources. You also need 8 additional lumberjacks (it is enough to build 4-5 sewing machine factories at the beginning and then gradually expand them).

As soon as the production starts, you set up an automatic trading route, which can be to either one of Archibald, Kahina or Eli, to sell the gramophones, pocket watches and sewing machines.
A complete layout gives you a balance of > $50,000/min. With the new money you can buy a new ship, which will take you back to Eli Bleakworth to look for the following items:


These make the running costs of the layout immensely cheaper and indirectly generate even more revenue in the end (the -50% maintenance cost book, alone brings the equivalent of another +$4000/min if used in the sewing machine layout; just build some additional fire stations). With such a high income, you can actually do what you want, build and develop freely.

Tip: If you should need more ships, buy them from the NPCs and do not build them yourself - it is quicker and easier.

Chapter VI - Fast Influence Generation

Since the "Dario Engine" is now running, you always have enough money at your disposal - you can actually build up as you like, from this point on. All you still lack are influence points and good items. You can already buy a lot of good specialists from Eli Bleakworth (you have enough money thanks to Dario) - but there are no legendary items there.

First of all, we have to take care of some influence. This is best obtained from investor houses. You don't want to build big cities with supply and logistics because it takes too long for you and you prefer to plan later with the items in peace? Then just read on:

First, build a solid building material production chain:

10 sawmills + 10 lumberjacks
10 brick factories + 5 clay pits
6 window factories + 3 glassmakers + 2 sand mines + 2 lumberjacks
2 concrete factories + 1 furnace (buy the cement from Eli)

Steelworks are not required (we also put almost all of our iron ore into the Dario Engine); Steel beams can still be bought from Archibald and as an additional product from brick factories and concrete works with the “General Foreman" specialist.


The items shown above will help you boost your building material production and are all available from Eli Bleakworth - just stock up on them as needed and use them in your trading unions. Building materials should no longer be a problem.
Now build on your main island: an oil harbour, an oil refinery, the necessary rails and a power plant (secure everything well with fire stations to prevent explosions).
Next you build a simple grid with a town hall in the middle.


Then just build the houses and the necessary public buildings around them - with your full storage and the tactics from Chapter II and Chapter III you will be able to quickly upgrade them all up to investor houses. As soon as you have upgraded them, block all goods except electricity. As long as your power plant is running, the investor houses will not be abandoned, even without any other supply. Make sure you put some police and fire stations around. The following items from Eli could also prove useful.


Now you have enough influence for further tasks - if you should need more, you can simply build more of these grids, without much effort. As soon as you have built larger, beautiful cities later, you can simply tear off these clusters.

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Chapter VII - Rapid Attractiveness Generation for and with the Palace

Now it's time to head to Cape Trelawney and settle in Crown Falls (if you own the "Sunken Treasures" DLC). For those who do not own the DLC, it is best to choose an empty large island. To build a palace on it.

Different methods for generating attractiveness:

1. Attractiveness layouts with schools and Lady Cerebellums classrooms charter:
Sail to Archibald's harbor and buy 2x the purple book "Lady Cerebellum’s Ickle Bickle Classrooms Charter" and build the following layout twice on your palace island:


This gives you 1440 attractiveness and thus unlocks the palace policy "Heritage Act":


Congratulations, you can now build museum modules without influence points, and as many as you want!

2. Museum items
Activate the “Heritage Act" policy, which allows you to build museum modules practically free of charge without any influence for the duration of the effect. Just buy all the blue items in this category that you can get your hands on at Madam Kahina's harbour. If you have the Land of Lions DLC, you can buy directly epic museum items from Ketema (better yield if you have the money since you can boost your island faster). Build several museums on your large island to increase its attractiveness (one museum holds up to 100 modules). As soon as you have reached 1000 attractiveness only with museum artifacts, you can tear off the school layouts.


3. Attractiveness with town halls:
As soon as you have reached 6000 attractiveness with museum modules, you can use the "Gildhall' Act" policy and start with this method. A very effective method is to simply build up large islands with the maximum possible town halls and to connect them with streets - each town hall brings you 200 extra attractiveness. This of course costs some influence (see Chapter VI for quick influence)

(You can change the palace effect dynamically as soon as you are finished building museum modules - your influence will temporarily become negative, but don't worry, if you want to build something with the influence, activate the policy, build the building and then change the policy back)

Push your attractiveness on your palace island as high as possible to reach higher prestige levels, which further enhances the effects of your palace. The maximum prestige level is 25, which is achieved with 33,000 attractiveness (easily possible on Crown Falls with the methods shown here, for players without the DLC it’s also possible on bigger islands, but with significantly more effort)

Of course, you don't need 33,000 attractiveness to get the good items (6,000 points are enough), but the more attractive it is, the faster it will be.

Chapter VII - Visitors

Now build a public mooring and a harbourmaster’s office on your palace island, which you can gradually equip with the following items:


Jaafan and the Travel Agent can be bought at Eli Bleakworth, Thomasina can be obtained from the public mooring as a frequent tourist. Also buy all parts of the Sargasso Sea set from Kahina if you own the DLC Botanika and equip a botanical garden on your island with it.

Congratulations! Depending on the level of attractiveness and the level of prestige, you now have between 60% -100% visitor probability at your public mooring and can obtain all legendary specialists through it.

The palace policy counts on each of your islands, provided you set up a local ministry with this policy there! This means that as long as you reach at least 5500 attractiveness on your other islands (using the same methods as mentioned in the previous chapter), you can also use effective public moorings with the harbourmaster offices to attract even more visitors and thus get the coveted items faster.

The VIP visitor pool of the palace:

One of the strongest palace effects by far is shown here:


This will unlock a special tourist pool on the island’s public mooring, which will completely replace the normal tourist pool. The great thing about it: It is a very small pool, consisting of 34 specialists, which only contains highly sought-after specialists: (Warning: if you want to discover it for yourself, you should not open this spoiler)

Angela "Meg" Iver, The Polyvalent
Arek Lisovski, The Architect
Aristelia Bataille, of the “Novelty Store"
Bekonin, Spirit of Liberty
Brother Hilarius, Purveyor of Monastic Mixtures
Bruno Ironbright, Engineering Giant
Captain Moby, Old Dog of the Sea
Charlotte the Chocoholic
Chief George Doughty, Smouldering Hero
Cosmo Castelli, Agronomic Trailblazer
Dario the Mechanical Engineer
Feras Alsarami, the Persuader
Former Pyrphorian Whizz
Gennaro Garibaldi, Chocolatier by Royal Appointment
Gerhard Fuchs, of the Patent Eyeglass
Grigor the Geologist
Hans Klein, Old Grandfather Time
Henri Zanchi, Man of Steel
Jaafan the Cruise Impresario
Jörg von Malching, Augur of the Auric
Lady Banes, Proponent of Protectionism
Louis P. Hecate, Arm-Puncturing Pioneer
Marco de la Mocha, Crusher of Beans
Marie-Antoine, Pâtissier Royale
Master Craftsman Franke
Mme. Elise "The Nose" Bouquet
Pope Lucius I, "The Rejuvenator"
Prof. Ram Devi, The Bundle of Energy
Saint D'Artois, Vision of the Valley
Seraphim Papadikas, The Window Dresser
Steven MacLeod, Geological Surveyor
Thomasina Langton, Promoter Extraordinaire!
Ursula Green, Guardian of the Forests

Since this pool is very small, the chance of getting a special single specialist from it is very high: 1:34.

It is best to build several islands with 5500 attractiveness with public mooring and use this effect to target specialists from this list. For all other legendary specialists, slot Elise "The Nose" Bouquet in a trade union on your visitor island and deactivate this special palace effect in order to make the normal pools available again. With Elise, you should, if possible, use islands with at least 5950 attractiveness to access legendary items that are not included in the palace pool in order to achieve an optimal result (attractiveness beyond that is useless, to not be confused with the higher palace prestige levels)

Chapter VIII - Animals/Artifacts/Plants

Everyone who wants to have a complete zoo, a complete museum and a complete botanical garden is in the right place here.

The museum and botanical garden are relatively simple - all items from it (except from special quests, like the Queen one) can be obtained from the World Exhibition or from NPCs. It is best to use the Asset Viewer (https://github.com/Miraak7000/AssetViewer/releases) to see which category contains the wanted items.

For the zoo this is unfortunately not that easy (I hope you took Bente with you when you started the game):

Option 1: Expeditions
The fact that you now get many good visitors, which you get through the palace policy, makes it easy to put together a good expedition crew and thus to trivialize the difficulty of these. Here is an example of a good universal setup:


All of the items shown here can be obtained from the visitor harbor with two exceptions: Poppinjay’s Pulleyed Patcher-Upper is very often given as a final reward for 3* expeditions (rescue missions and pirate hunts). Mai Kalan, Descryer Of Brilliant Jewels, can easily be rerolled in the endgame at Old Nate in Cape Trelawney.
These are to be used with an extravagant steamer (can be built in the steamship shipyard by "Anna Union, Engineer of Extravagant Steamers"), or a cargo ship, if it has not yet been found through regular visitors.

The possible rewards of the zoological expeditions depend on the region. You can use the asset viewer (at least version 5.2) and hover on the expedition source to see which particular ones have a chance to drop it:


Or you can take a look at this list in this post (https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fforums-de.ubisoft.com%2Fshowthread.php%2F220922-Expeditionen-%25E2%2580%2593-Auflistung-aller-Belohnungen-nach-Schwierigkeit-und-Region), where you can find the list of which animals can be found.

Option 2: Bente Jorgensen's quests, harbour farming and ship sinking

Bente has the highest chance in the game to drop animals for the zoo. You can either sink her ships continuously (also possible with pirate flags or letters of marque, without declaring war) or, if you want to do it quickly and efficiently, farm her main island using the "session ping pong" method and take the animals from her harbours after the island takeover. You can read more about this method in the record building report (https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fforums-de.ubisoft.com%2Fshowthread.php%2F220231-Rekordversuch-3-2-Millionen-Einwohner-%25E2%2580%2593-Spielbericht-Tipps-und-Taktiken%3Fp%3D2687857%26viewfull%3D1%23post268785 7) (here it is done with Princess Qing, but works just as well with Bente) for legendary animals you must take her main island - so the last one in each session, for everything else every island works, no matter how big.

This guide was created by our awesome Wuslwiz, and this is the translation & adaptation to English. So all credits go to him. You can view the original guide here (https://forums-de.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/222670-Item-Guide-Pal%C3%A4ste-der-Macht-%E2%80%93-eine-effiziente-Aufbau-und-Item-Strategie)

For any questions & feedback, don't hesitate to reply to this thread