View Full Version : Feb-15 Anniversary Fall of Singapore

02-15-2007, 06:59 AM
The Forgotten Front

Couldnt help to notice Feb-15, 1942 is when Singapore was surrendered to the Japanese. It was controversial since propaganda and radio new reports had it that Signapore was a fortress and would not fall. All heavy guns pointed towards the sea as that was proclaimed the only way in which Signapore could be invaded. The arrogant British Generals had no belief the Japanese could come thru on land via Malay. A great blunder IMO. Sorta like the Maginot Line.

Also after the retreat from Malay, the retreating ground troops were forced to dig defense ditches that could have been dug by the people already in Signapore befor the retreating troops arrived while the Generals although quite brave watched on. (Just a comment from one of the soldiers digging the ditch). The POW's went on to spend 3 years in a Japanese labor camp.

Just before this, the Battleship Prince of Wales and Repulse were sunk. A very low point for the British Empire.

"The first big ships sank solely by aircraft in the high seas"

"It doesnt matter if we loose all the battles as long as we dont lose the last one" Somthing like that.