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11-13-2007, 11:15 AM
Hello, this is actually my first post on this forum but I have been trolling it reading threads and what not for a better half of 2 months. But seeing as this is the release date for most and rest is soon to follow I just want to add my few cents in as I myself have been following this game and dealt with "Over-hype to disappointment". This is to be directed to insure though with negative reviews that you stay with your decision on Assassins Creed. I am not saying that if you don't like you should change your mind, I am simple stating do not let reviews such as gaming websites change your mind on anything.

I guess I will start off by saying that reviews done by 1up, IGN, gamespot, etc. Is mainly divided by specific placements that they focus on to what they believe "make a good game". Graphics, Sounds, Storyline, Gameplay.

Now, as far as game play goes ill stay with that because that seems to be the biggest worry, those are based on the reviewer going right to every objective doing everything in their means to complete the game. Thing is, they don't do which most gamers do, take their time and have fun, sure anything will be repetitive if all your doing is speeding through to point A to point B. Those reviews are a reference of what to expect if you hardcore play the story and thats it.

As an example that I never follow what reviews say, Tenchu Z for X-Box 360, it got horrible reviews on all websites but I enjoyed it. Why? sure it had repetitive game play and very bad AI. Thing is, I liked it because of other things outside of just story and side things to do.

On that note, Gears of War, I really disliked that game, but it got good reviews. Why is this? well, because it hit every single criteria that it was reviewed on, Game play is what was expect for a shooter, Sound and Graphics where top notch, and storyline was easy to follow. But, there was nothing to do other than that of the story, there was no side quests no freedom nothing.

As far as AI, AI is really hard specially for a sand-box style game like Assassins Creed, they didn't want to make it to tough to the point if that guard ever sees you again that you ticked off he will chase you, because if that was the case you will be always running and never able to get the fun out of steath games.

In short, use reviews as guidelines of what to expect, it shows the basics, but that changes by a great deal when your the one playing. In my honest opinion, don't let reviews or what people say change your mind, because regret is a lot harder to deal with because of the "What ifs" then it is trying and seeing for your self. At least then you know first hand if it was really worth it or not. Thanks for reading and enjoy *~*

11-13-2007, 11:30 AM
jp kavoc i think the trick with this just as any other game release is to try not to be dragged along with the hype whether that be positive or negative, look at the game knowing what 'you' want from it and use trusted sites for game information. When reading reviews with positive or negative comments look for the justification of those comments and if its not there why?

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