View Full Version : Anno 2070 is now an unplayable game, good work UBISoft

07-10-2020, 04:30 PM
Well after a few weeks of chatting with support and trying every thing I could find or test the game is completely unplayable. Install goes fine, if I use the AUTOPATCHER 2.0, THE GAME ENDS UP WITH A "UNKNOWN ERROR"
If I try to manually update the game with YOUR OFFLINE PATCHERS from first day to 1.06 Fails with the messages, 1.ANNO 2070 could not be updated. Possible reasons
1. ANNO 2070 is not installed, (just installed it), 2.Anno 2070 is already updated, ( have not found where I can get version other than starting the game, then gets unknown error) 3.The ANNO 2070 installation is corrupted. In this case please reinstall ANN0 2070.
It is completely unbelievable that you all could screw the pooch this bad, Even your 2.0 fails at startup with UNKNOWN ERROR, according to your chat staff the problem is known and supposedly being worked on.
When will you all update US on what the H is going on, wasted money, time and energy for a game that 3 weeks ago worked fine. And I thought EA was bad, you now are on my top of the support not existing, and yes you all tried but failed
If you purchase the complete edition that one seems to have no issues, BUT, where are the missions from the original game before the UI update, none of your chat techs had a clue. can someone explain why you removed the abiltiy to create your own company, Why now your focus is on multiplayer on a game that was at first a single player?
You have FAILED!!!!!! and since you have decided on NOT updating this forum with at least some answers you remain silent, that is not a good way to get your existing customers to 1. Purchase your games, 2. trust your support staff and 3. continue to play your games which I sadly have to say is not gong to happen with me.
When does it become proper to update and change games without any input from the existing player base?
If you all want to flame me fine, it will not change the issues I have listed here NOR from what I have seen will get the game fixed.

Disappointing UBISOFT, very much so, there was a time that the customer was the driving force for support and games, it seems now that has been trashed and you all just do what you please.
Well that is my 100 dollars in wasted money and time


07-16-2020, 11:10 PM
Hello there,

When contacting Support were you suggested any troubleshooting steps and did you try them?

We have guide on standard PC troubleshooting (https://ubi.li/R2i0B) as well as Connectivity (https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/faqs/000015256) troubleshooting.

Please give both articles and read through and attempt all steps listed to try and resolve the issue.

If you're still having trouble, let us know.

Thank you.