View Full Version : We can't connect to the game server

07-01-2020, 02:31 AM
I have been trying to enter the game with my account for months and a window jump up that says:

"Oops, looks like we can't connect to the game server!"

I contacted technical support and they only give the same generic copy and paste responses that they give everyone:

"Check your internet connection" - "The game data is not saved on the phone locally, so it's lost when the application is removed".

All these answers are false, since a friend lent me his account, I tried to log in, and the game did start and it was playable, and his account data was intact, nothing was lost (his level was not lost, nor avatars, or dance records). This test denies the answers from technical support.

The reason why I think they don't give an adequate answer, is that they mistakenly or intentionally banned the accounts of many users who had VIP subscriptions or many currencies, as in my case, that my account had more than 10,000 coins, which They were part of the change that they gave in compensation to the update that changed the modality of the game (they gave me more than 18,000 which I was consuming until I reached 10,000). And they did this ban to force the user to create a new account and buy a VIP subscription. Which seems to me a very dirty game by Ubisoft to its players.

I'm satisfied that they let me enter my account, or that they generate a refund in some way, for the time and money that I had invested in the game.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

07-02-2020, 09:22 AM
My case is exactly the same for more than two months.