View Full Version : TC1 ThrowBack: Midnight Club-esque Club in the Works. Looking for Members.

06-24-2020, 03:54 AM
Hello everyone. We are approaching Year #2 of The Crew 2. Congrats on The Crew 2 being 2 years old.

Yes; two long years of a promising title, but if you've been playing it since the release or even recently, chances are you're bound to see the numerous problems that this game has. Heck, even if you've stopped by the forums, you'll easily find threads describing in great detail what's wrong with this game.

Putting that aside, some of you probably joined The Crew 2 from the first title, with the illegal street racing vibe, cop chases, etc, etc. Well, I did too, and I really want to try and make an effort to bring that BACK to The Crew 2. How you may be wondering? Well by forming a club. A "specialized crew" if you will. If you are interested, I'll describe in detail below.

Alright, so my goal is to create an "official" club on The Crew 2. Objective is to bring back some of the fun atmosphere of the first game while still holding true to The Crew 2 style. If you've ever played Midnight Club series, any street racing game, or just watched videos on YT (like me), you'd know there's three main ingredients to creating an authentic street racing vibe:

1) Cars of all shapes, sizes and liveries
2) That "by invitation only", racing under darkness, breaking the law feel
3) The cops chasing you and hounding you down as you attempt to escape

Alright, so let me cut to the chase here. This club will consist of 2 teams:

Team A) Street Racers
Team B) Cops

The objective of Team A is...well, there are no objectives. Just be your best street racer you can be. Team B's objectives will be to provide some sort of adversarial force during races (if there are enough and if need be). The goal of the club is to create an authentic street racing vibe in The Crew 2. Team B is for those who want to chase down street racers or just be on the "opposite side of illegal street racing", like we could choose in CaU DLC.

As a member of Team A, bring your best street racer to the club. No restrictions on clothing. Dress how you like. Vehicles have very few restrictions as well. Choose authentic, APPROPRIATE LIVERIES, please. Keep your vanity setups REALISTIC! I don't want to see feathers coming off your smoke trails or neon that looks like you'll take off like a jet plane. Normal underglow is fine. Horns are okay. Nitrous colors are okay. Colored smoke is okay; no crazy smokes please.

In addition to looking the part, you'll also have to play the part. Get fancy. Do donuts, burn rubber, show off. The way we'll handle races is the traditional midnight club style. A) You'll drive up behind someone and flash your headbeams to signal you want to race. B) The team leader will pick a spot and we'll all meet up to take part in a point to point race (like Impromptu Races in GTA: Online). IF you want to earn cash for racing, we'll launch game events. Meetups will take place at local gas stations and other areas. We roll out when we get the location. Be aware though. Cops will be watching us so expect heat every now and then.

As a member of Team B, your goal is to stop us using realistic police tactics and strategy. Mind though. Racers aren't going to go down easy so you'll have to bring your A-game to stop them. Cops will be given locations of meets every now and then to try and intercept us before the race gets underway. Police are restricted to the following vehicles:

1) Dodge Charger SRT8
2) Chevy Corvette ZR1
3) Ford Mustang GT
4) Jeep Grand Cherokee
5) Cadillac Escalade
6) Ford Raptor SVT
7) Dodge Challenger SRT8
8) Proto A500 (Yep; cops got the ghetto bird --MC reference)

While I understand it will be hard to get a "legitimate" police outfit to wear, the Explorer Outfit will be enough for me. That or the Biker outfit you can already purchase in-game. If you need help getting the Explorer Outfit, add me on UPlay and I'll help you in-game. Other than that, keep your vehicles professional in their liveries. Nothing crazy. Underglow is restricted to red/blue blinking. No colored nitrous or tire smokes. If you want to use a horn, use the cop horn or the default one. Nothing crazy again. Cop team is about professionalism. Street racers have less restrictions.

As police officers, your primary goal is to protect and serve. Racers are the opposite. Don't stoop to their level and remain professional. Well-coordinated tactics and strategy will beat any street racer. Keep the public safe and try not to add to the casualties yourself.


With that said, you have the information. In order to get this to work, we'll need to establish a required minimum, so I'm gonna need the following positions filled:

Team A:
-Racer 1
-Racer 2
-Racer 3
-Racer 4

Team B:
-Ground Unit #1
-Ground Unit #2
-Ground Unit #3
-Ground Unit #4
-Air Unit 1
-Air Unit 2

Requirements to join:
-Be mature
-Be respectful to other players in club and in-game
-Have a mic
-Own a legitimate copy of The Crew 2
-Be able to attend meetings and events (10PM-3AM EST)
-Follow the rules
-Have a Discord or Steam Account

If you can do that and you're interested in taking part in this endeavor, contact me via Steam or Discord and we'll talk more. I'm waiting for the next update to really get things going but I need to start gathering members together ASAP.

Discord: Introvert3D#0167
Steam: TruBlu0014