View Full Version : Uplay Exclusive Mediterranean Defense Missions.

12-25-2011, 06:56 PM
Hey all, I have completed the game, I have set up dens in all the cities and have generally done all the Mediterranean Defense Missions in them. So im not sure I want to get the Uplay exclusive missions. (After all I dont really need them anymore!)

But I was curious to see what they involved, can anyone who did buy them explain how many of there there are, and what they roughly involve? I am very interested in the fiction of the games, and so I would love to know!


Bipolar Matt
12-25-2011, 08:13 PM

I only remember a handful of them.

A couple involve retrieving first civilization artificats. One is about saving a descendant of Altair, who is a master assassin himself. They're really not too different from the others you would get. They aren't anything that will greatly impact the story.

However, they are all 3 star difficult missions, as I remember and they do net you a lot of gold and a ton of experience. Enough to get pretty much any assassin recruit up to level 10 on the back of that one mission. So if you ever plan to play through the game again, they're good for getting some high-leveled assassins quickly.

12-26-2011, 11:17 AM

Thanks for the answer! From the sounds of it they are worth getting even if its just to read the blurb. Thanks!