View Full Version : Just Dance is obviously made for white people and needs a makeover.

05-30-2020, 12:06 AM
With the current political climate, I’m shocked that Just Dance hasn’t evolved to become less obviously white-centric and appropriative.

The only dance I’ve ever seen that clearly features a person of color is Stromae’s “Papaoutai,” since the dancers are obviously supposed to represent the characters from Stromae’s music video. I can point to several other dances in which the dancers are people of color, but their skin is literally whitewashed for the gameplay. Considering the Papaoutai dance in which Stromae’s skin color was left alone (and rightfully so), it seems odd that so many other dances would appear to feature white people when that is clearly not appropriate.

Take, for example, the “Beware of the Boys” dance. The song is by an Indian artist and the dance is influenced by the Indian style of Bhangra, yet the dancers appear to be white! Why?! In addition to this, portraying the dancer to Ariana Grande’s “Into You” as a Japanese geisha is so incredibly unnecessary and disrespectful.

In short I really like your game, but I’m baffled at these blatant marks of ignorance and insensitivity. It makes me wonder if you have any people of color on your graphic design team or executive board. Seems to me like this definitely could have been avoided from the beginning, but it’s continued for years.

12-06-2020, 08:18 PM
Are you mentally handicapped? That's the aesthetic of Just Dance. And besides, not all the coaches are played by white people. Your SJW-like mindset just wants you to focus on you and your superiority over others and not real injustices against those who aren't white.

12-13-2020, 03:58 AM
Shut the **** up. Video games shouldn't correlate with politics unless the game is about politics. (Like some cod campaigns, etc.) It's a ******g game. I'm tired of ******ed ***** like you trying to make Video Games correlate with politics, race, human issues. Mfs like you are ruining state of video game and communities. Jesus Christ why are their people like you out there. I just want video games to be isolated from the state of 2020. Their video games not reality. Just shut the **** up and never speak again