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05-29-2020, 09:20 PM

Season 1 – Shadow Tide (https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/the-division/the-division-2/news-updates/5WgTxXw9Ttcl6hrLmnY3Nr) for The Division 2 – Warlords of New York kicks off its final chapter with the Guardians Global Event, which started on May 26. This event causes ‘Guardian’ NPCs to spawn amongst groups of enemies – so long as the Guardian is alive, the opposing fireteam is immune to damage. Take out the Guardian first to eliminate the rest of the enemies!

As with previous Global Events, new challenges will be introduced each day for the first 4 days of the event. Achieving these challenges will grant points that earn progress towards the event rewards, including gear and material caches, an Exotic cache, and the exclusive Perfect Defense backpack trophy! All challenges will be available until the end of the Global Event, allowing you to finish them all in one go if you choose to do so!

Additionally, the final League of the Season – the Hill League – has entered its second week. The various time trials and kill challenges have reset their ranks, allowing you to take another crack at them in order to reach max rank and earn the League’s Exotic cache and Return to Sender trophy. Go teach those True Sons what it means to mess with The Division!

Additionally, Season 1 has been extended until June 15 (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2230236-Season-1-%E2%80%93-Shadow-Tide-Extension), in part to sync up with the ongoing Title Update 10 PTS. While this doesn’t impact the current Global Event or League, it does mean you will have extra time to go after the various Manhunt targets and Prime target Jupiter. There’s also a little bit more time to reach Season Level 100 and acquire all the rewards therein.

More information about the various rewards and activities that are impacted by the extension can be found in our recent Season 1 Wrap-Up article (https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/the-division/the-division-2/news-updates/3eb74OvbSbTo4ziebD1lCa).




Phase 1 of the Title Update 10 Public Test Server wrapped up on May 28, and the PTS re-opened for Phase 2 today, May 29. We’ve been busy collecting loads of feedback, covering everything from the new (and old) Gear Sets and Exotics; overarching conversations on game difficulty, especially on higher difficulties; number-crunching minutia of weapons, brand sets, and skills; interconnected improvements to the play and counter-play relationships of PVP; and so much more. More specific reactions and takeaways were discussed on this week’s State of the Game – watch the stream here (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/633474155) and find the recap here (https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/1UNJ4Jkvz0VFLIbV0sN28n/the-division-2-state-of-the-game-recap-title-update-10-pts-phase-2-coming-friday).

We’ll be making several tweaks based on the feedback that has come from Phase 1 – namely fixes to things like the Foundry Bulwark set, adjustments to Exotics, and improvements to loot generosity. Full patch notes for Phase 1 can be found here (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2228921-Title-Update-10-PTS-Patch-Notes-(Phase-1)), with Phase 2 patch notes here (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2231359-Title-Update-10-PTS-Patch-Notes-(Phase-2)). As a reminder, changes included in the notes are not guaranteed to make it into TU10 and are always subject to change.

As we move into Phase 2 (https://forums.ubisoft.com/forumdisplay.php/2248-The-Division-2-TU10-PTS), we want to encourage you all to share your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions regarding specific changes with us once again. This time we want to focus particularly on balancing the new gear and Exotics, making proper adjustments to weapon and skill damage values, overall game balance across all difficulties, and how loot quality and quantity feel in Phase 2.



We’ll have more news about Season 2 coming with next week’s State of the Game stream! As a reminder, all Seasonal content is included in the Warlords of New York expansion and opens after completing the campaign. This means Global Events, Leagues, Apparel Events, Manhunts, and more will be available to you as soon as you can return to Washington D.C. as a Level 40 Agent. Specifics on what all those events entail will be shared soon!

That’s it for this week!

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