View Full Version : MTF-Delta 5 Tactical MilSim looking for experienced, RP oriented players

05-28-2020, 04:13 AM
Welcome to the Recruitment thread for MTF-Delta 5! we are a group of like-minded individuals whose goal is to play Ghost Recon Breakpoint in the most immersive, military-simulated way we can while still enjoying the game and having a grand old time. We are based as far east as the UK and as far west as The Central United States. We have an experienced core of players who enjoy creating operations for players to partake in, missions for them to do on a daily basis, and the best part is; you don't even have to do any of the paperwork! (unless you become a squad leader. then you can help us with it).

With us you can enjoy some perks such as:

- Being able to play with players who want to RP as a Ghost as much as you do.
- Have a variety of missions both in the game and created by the officers to ensure maximum fun and realism (while also being fair)
- (mostly) freedom to play the ghost of your dreams within a community who will, as we grow, offer more and more possibilities for ways to increase replay-ability.

We are a group exclusive to none, as long as you follow these rules below! We don't have many requirements for the MilSim, but there are a few to ensure the quality of the MTF. These include:

- Must be above the age of 18. Exceptions will be made for players who are 14+ but are mature, know when to clear comms, and play competently.
- Mic is preferred. While not completely necessary, it would certainly help us if you had a Mic to use when we do ops or other missions.
- Discord is a MUST. The use of discord allows us to keep in contact, prep operations and missions, and also hand out commendations and ranks when necessary.
- Don't be a jerk. I mean, really? do i need to say it? Be respectful at all times.
- Enjoy the game despite it's flaws. Yes we get it it isn't perfect, but we do our best to make it better.

Playing with us means playing with a group dedicated to the enjoyment of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, as well as continued betterment of our own personal skills and the tactical flexibility of our squads. It means having a chance to show your worth and rise through the ranks and contribute to the betterment of the MTF and the expansion of our operations. And it means having a constant reason to keep coming back to Breakpoint to enjoy what the game has to offer.

Contact information will be below for those interested: Welcome to Delta-5, Ghost; we will see you in the shadows.

PS4 contact: Fateofthevalkyri
Discord contact: Fateofthevalkyri#9820