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05-20-2020, 05:11 AM
Seeing as how Ubisoft has seemed to pin itself into a corner nowadays, I wish to introduce to the community a story of my own, right from scratch. It is my earnest hope that the team of Ubisoft will come across this and consider it. I'm sure there are others who wish to see the next Far Cry game in their own view, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as am I. Without further ado ladies and gentleman, my vision of Far Cry 6.

A simple family reunion. That’s all he wanted. What did he get? An invitation to a slaughterfest. Alejandro Elias Donato was heading down towards Zacatecas in Mexico to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos with his relatives with his little brother Miguel and two cousins. In one minute, he was in a Volkswagen bus driving down route 45, and the next, it was turned over in a roadside ditch. He saw his relatives being dragged away by unknown figures as he was left in the van to die in the flaming wreck. Alejandro prayed for deliverance. What he got was waking up in a basement with a woman, dressed for war.

His savior was Makayla Isabella Montenegro, a former soldier, Vaas Montenegro's niece, both whose own family heritage had a tragic upbringing. She is the leader of an Anti-Cartel Resistance Movement stationed in the town of La Colorada called, “Los libertadores”, or “The Liberators”. She informed him that Zacatecas has become a virtual battleground for the feuding drug cartels. El Chapo’s sons took charge and began to expand their borders of the Sinaloa cartel in attempts to annex and monopolize the rest of Mexico, and overwhelm their competitors. The government currently stationed in Mexico City is all but lost. The U.S. put stricter security measures on the borders, and the local media has become a complete joke.

Alejandro says that despite his injuries, he wishes to help her. At first Makayla turns him down. But once he says that they’ve captured his younger relatives and will do anything to get them back, she agrees. The training is tedious, but Alejandro pulls through and gains her respect. As they are short on numbers, many members say that they’ll have to ally themselves with a drug cartel that is rivals with the Sinaloa Cartel. Makayla is against this as she lost her family to a drug cartel not too long ago. Alejandro, persistent and determined, proposes and new kind of warfare. Propaganda; to encourage the minds of the public to turn against their masters with the promise of freedom and a place in the resistance. Makayla is skeptical but agrees. So begins their quest to liberate Zacatecas, and find Alejandro’s family.

One of the goals of this story is to take the personalities of Jason Brody and Vaas Montenegro and turn them on their heads. Makayla, unlike her Uncle, wishes to fight the insanity that the drug cartels have influenced across her homeland. She sees herself as a true Mexican Patriot, with an unbreakable will to restore her country. Unlike Jason, Alejandro is not an adrenaline junkie, or wishes to become addicted to manslaughter. He is willing to do what it takes to save his brother and cousins, but remains a healthy skeptic throughout the story. Instead of having themes such as religion, insanity, or other recurring themes, the main themes of this game is family and heritage, something both Alejandro and Makayla value greatly. The twist in this game is that Makayla is the true protagonist of the game, as she is the one willing to carry the rest of her followers upon her shoulders. Alejandro, while he is involved with much in this, is the narrator, the observer. Although he helps Makayla shape the course of the game significantly, neither for glory or violence. And at the end, Alejandro is given a choice to stay and continue to help, or leave with his family to oversee their protection, both of which have positive and negative outcomes. Rather than having a linear plot, this game will have different outcomes of choices which Alejandro makes.

Let me know what you guys think!