View Full Version : Looking for like minded players

04-25-2020, 10:35 PM
Have a group looking for people who enjoy a challenge, stealth, working as a team, and have a lot of patience. We are not a milsim group in the sense we do not have ranks and do not stress using specific terminology. We seek a quality of play that brings maximum enjoyment from the dumpster fire of a game lol.

We move slowly and with purpose (no mindless sprinting/crouch running). Have 2 set base camps. Limit vehicle use to when it makes sense or absolutely needed. Engage patrols rarely. Plan ahead and work as a team. Coordinate camo, classes, gear, equipment. Class specific load-outs. Medic only revives. No HUD. No syringes. No drones (recon/sync/defense). No intel grenades. No thermal/sonar.

Play on extreme settings.

Enemy difficulty: extreme
Main weapon slots: 1 (2 for sharpshooter)
Bandage quantity: few
Risk of injury: always
Stamina consumption: extreme
Health regeneration: none
Ammo loss on reload: on

If you play BP like this or are interested in giving it a go please let me know!


Also do not contact me if you (and this will sound kinda harsh but I have to be specific)
-did not read this entire post
-have a female character (unless you are actually a woman)
-use wolf/fantasy cosmetics