View Full Version : Brutus Armor Glitch?!

11-29-2010, 04:10 PM
I have a problem/ glitch and don't know what to do. During Sequence 8, when you have to break up the meeting between Cesare and the Templar's in the Colosseum, I decided to go get the Brutus armor, even though I had the apple. Well, I got to the lair, put on the armor and dagger, then set off to finish the mission. I'm riding on a horse and go past the aquaducts, but I'm being chased by guards, since I'm in the notorious state. So, I get off my horse, and my horse goes away. I believe I pulled out my sword, and got stuck next to the aquaduct. I could only use Eagle Vision,, couldn't move, attack, target, etc. So, I restarted the memory.
So I complete the game, and want to get the armor, since it reset for some reason. The marker did not show on the mini-map, so went off to find it out of memory. Armor and dagger were not there, all I could go was loot the little chests. Armor and dagger do not appear in the hideout or in inventory. Can someone notify moderator/ developer for help, because even though its not game-breaking like the tunnel, it would be cool for it to be fixed.