View Full Version : Combo Kills vs. Execution mechanics.

08-30-2011, 03:53 AM
After having played half way through Assassin's Creed 1 on the Xbox for a second time, and having played Brotherhood to completion before I decided to re-experience AC1 and AC2 (That'll be after AC1), it occured to me that Killstreaks as a mechanic aren't all that bad.

The problem I concluded, was the way that they are started.

With Brotherhood came Killstreaks, which would allow you to kill a lot of guards in a continuous chain, but coupled with the Execution mechanic that was applied in AC2, players could literally button-mash their way into instant guard slaughter.

While the Execution mechanic might have been good for AC2, because you would have to focus on one guard, and then have to go back into a defensive stance/watch your back for any counters, when Killstreaks came along, Countering and Execution made combat a lot less challenging.

So after having tried to perform Combo Kills along with Counters in AC1, an idea came to me: Why not remove the Execution mechanic in ACR and bring back the Combo Kill mechanic, in order to make combat a little more challenging again?

Having it that way would allow a Killstreak to be more gratifying to start, and would improve the combat difficulty of the game.

Ezio could still pull guards in with his hookblade, but if he needed to start a Killstreak on a group of guards, the player would have to time their attacks to trigger it, making it more satisfying to get an instant kill on an enemy.

Coupling this with certain guards being able to break a counter and your defense (e.g. Elite Guards and Janissaries), just like AC1, then the game would be a less of a pushover when it comes to combat.

Also, if the Kick mechanic of Brotherhood was refined to have a short delay in between breaking a guard's defense, it would make guards like Brutes, Seekers and Elites a lot more of a challenge to kill.