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12-18-2010, 04:09 PM
Hello guys, i have bought the Assassin's creed 2 game on Steam, ive played it and finished the game then i decided to unistall it. After a few months i wanted to play the game again so re-installed it and wheneven i launch the game through steam, the game's launcher asks me for a key and when i enter the key it tells me that it have been used. May anyone HELP me please ? i would really appreciate it

12-19-2010, 04:45 AM

That error means that the Game's CD-KEY is used on some other UBI account, Imo.

Which UBI Account are u using right now to LOG-in ? You must use the original account when you first registered the game Online. If you use some other UBI account, then you might get this 'KEY is in use' error. Is 'khiryo' your one and only original UBI account ? Do u have any other account ?

Use the same previous account as before, because the KEY is linked and tied to your first account. Or, was there any Internet Connection drop from your side, while you were trying to LOG-in ? And have you reinstalled/upgraded your Operating System ? (One guy got this same message, after he upgraded his OS from Vista to Win 7, as told by him over at the Steam Forums ! Sounds weird though).

Anyway, I think you must also contact Official UBI SUPPORT, along with all the proof of purchase, CD-KEY Scan etc., and ask them to figure out the correct UBI ACCOUNT with which the CD-KEY is linked/tied. Contact them ASAP:


Maybe Support can track the Account with which the CD-KEY is tied, or provide you a NEW CD-KEY for some nominal charge, or unlock the previous Steam code. So contact them for further HELP.

Have you also tried contacting STEAM SUPPORT regarding this issue ? You can also contact them, if you wish.