View Full Version : Just Dance Unlimited Available Songs

04-06-2020, 03:16 AM
Hi! I've just bought Just Dance 2020. I'm thinking on buying other years editions, but then I got to know this Unlimited option to subscribe. Does this Unlimited option has all songs included? Like 2015-2019 or not?

04-07-2020, 08:31 PM
That's my understanding

04-07-2020, 10:04 PM
Unlimited doesn't have all of the songs from previous years. It does have almost every song from JD 2016 thru 2019, with only a few exceptions. Unfortunately, it is missing many songs from JD 2015, but it does have some. It has most of the 2014 songs and many JD4 songs, but not so many prior to JD4.

I wouldn't buy an Unlimited subscription until first checking... When I turned on my Xbox today and opened JD 2020, in the news section below the WDF there was a note about Unlimited currently being available to Xbox dancers. I'm not sure if players on other platforms see a similar message. With many people being stuck at home currently, it was really COOL for Ubisoft to do this.