View Full Version : Map screen cursor moves automatically

04-02-2020, 09:19 AM
I've noticed this weird behaviour of the game where sometimes the cursor on the map screen will just move in a certain direction on its own. It happens at random, not only just after I open the map screen. Is this a bug in AC3 Remastered that has slipped under the radar? Is it something more people experience and just ignore (because it doesn't really impact the game that much, since the slightest movement of the analog stick will stop the cursor from moving).
I'm not touching the sticks when it happens. If I open a controller test-app when this happens, the sticks still say 0% movement, when I exit the map screen Connor will just keep still and if I re-open the map screen, the cursor remains stationary. AC 3 Remastered is the only game in my collection that shows this behaviour so far, and I'm using a 3 month old Elite V2 controller that has barely seen any action (maybe 30 hours in total), so I'm trying to find out if it's the game being its buggy self (I've had my One X shut down after AC3 Remastered crashed, I've had the intermittent framerate after letting the game sit in stand-by for 2 hours etc.) or if I've got onset stick-drift and need to return my controller.