View Full Version : [Spoiler] Is this a bug? Irritiating if it is.

11-26-2009, 05:17 PM
I'm on the mission where *Spoiler*

You have to kill Emilio. Thing is, I actually completed it but it made me restart it.

I took out the archers, the thieves replaced them, and I did kill Emilio, but I waited on the boat then killed him as not to be scene.

Just as the message said he was escaping I stepped out and used the hidden blade to kill him before he reached the boat. Having killed him I got the cutscene where Ezio says rest in peace but straight after it says Emilio escaped, and then it made me restart the mission.

Surely if I had just killed him and got the cutscene it doesn't matter where he ended up? Took me ages trying to kill everyone round the roof then find the building to climb down to get to the boat to kill him, and all for nothing. Not happy.